Singapore based Mikoishi plans sequel to Metal Unit

Singapore based Mikoishi, a leading developer/operator of network multiplayer games for mobile phones is planning to release a sequel to its most popular original title Metal Unit. nullSpeaking to Animation ‘xpress Mikoishi Director Amy Chang shared, “We will be releasing a sequel to one of our most popular own title Metal Unit based on the wonderful response we got for the original” “Metal Unit is a turn based strategy game featuring giant mech-robots, huge explosions, tactical reconnaissance and strategic thinking. The Game allows players to challenge an opponent over the carrier’s GPRS and/or 3G network. Players have a choice of four different weapons and six different mech-robot types to choose from depending on their strategy. Other features include in game messaging and a community web site where players can view their rankings and who is on the global leader board” she added. Mikoishi also developed the Star Wars Battlefront Mobile game for THQ Wireless and Lucas Film/Art. The game released recently on SingTel, Singapore and Movistar Argentina. The game is a persistent world game where there are over 110 playable levels for the gamer to explore in the Star Wars universe.
Metal Unit - In game shot
On being asked to share its global plans and specifically if the developer had plans for India, Amy replied” We have plans to work with Indian carriers, we might look at partnering or entering the market directly” “We will be entering the North Asia market this year and expect our games to do exceeding well in Korea and China. Players in Asia Pac prefer on-line games and also RPG particularly in Korea and China. In Asia, Mikoishi believes that only multiplayer and/or networked mobile games will be a sustainable business.” she added On being asked to comment on 3G, Amy shared,”3G technically should enhance the multiplayer/online gaming experience with faster data speeds and also higher end devices with better processing capabilities and richer graphics and sounds. However, the current installed base of 3G subscribers is low and goes against the grain of multiplayer which requires critical mass” “For 3G networks to really encourage adoption of multiplayer mobile gaming, carriers need to address the data usage tariffs and look at how broad band pricing strategy of monthly subscription for unlimited usage encourage take up of broad band users” concluded Amy.