FICCI forms Animation & Gaming Forum

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has further increased its thrust on animation and gaming. In the presence of FICCI Secretary General Dr. Amit Mitra, Additional Director Siddhartha Dasgupta, Senior Assistant Director Sumeet Gupta, DQE MD & CEO Tapaas Chakravarti, Anirights Infomedia Founder & CEO Ashish Kulkarni, Moving Pictures CMD Ramesh Sharma, MEL CEO Rajesh Turakhia and dignitaries from Government of India, FICCI yesterday launched the first ever focused forum that will drive the wide agenda of Animation & Gaming Industry in India. The Forum aims to be the apex institution and the single point referral for anyone who is a part of the industry. The core Commitee comprises of Chairman Tapaas Chakravarti (MD & CEO, DQ Entertainment) Co- Chairman Ashish Kulkarni (Founder & CEO, Anirights Infomedia), A K Madhavan (CEO, Crest Animation ) Jaya Kumar (CEO, Toonz Animation India), Rajesh Thurakia (CEO, MEL) , Jyotirmoy Saha, (VP – Animation, UTV ) Ramesh Sharma (CMD, Moving Pictures), Munjal Shroff, (COO & Director, Graphiti Multimedia) Vishal Gondal (CEO,IndiaGames) Rajesh Rao (CEO, Dhruva Interactive) and Ninad Chayya (EVP, Paradox Studios). Speaking to Animation ‘xpress, Chairman of the commitee Tapaas Chakravarti (MD & CEO, DQ Entertainment) said,”The Forum will support technology research, development & implementation of organized education and training programme to boost training & development of international quality manpower to bridge the gap of over 30000 experts needed in the next few years. “The forum will also work with NASSCOM & Government agencies to bring in dearly needed support for setting up of Centers of Excellence for Animation & Gaming Industry, Training and Development on line with IIT & IIM” he added. Co Chairman of the Commitee Ashish Kulkarni, (Founder & CEO, Anirights Infomedia) said “The forum has been formed at a very opportunate time when most of the animation and gaming studios in India have gained experience in delivering projects with global standards. The forum would help build an ecosystem to consolidate the efforts in training, R&D, and Original Content creation. The forum will also be a common focal point for integrating and adressing the needs of artists, technology experts, producers and distributors” “We will make efforts in bringing the creative directors and producers from world over to present succesful case studies and share a first hand technical and creative experience with all the stakeholders in the Indian animation and gaming industry” he added. “FICCI Animation & Gaming forum will make an effort to reach out to the large traditional artist base in India and encourage them to join the industry” he further added. FICCI Senior Assistant Director Sumeet Gupta stated,”FICCI has been playing key role in promoting Indian Animation & Gaming sector. Identifying the potential in this very promising sector, we are focussing it as a key sector. What started as few sessions at FRAMES and small seminars has matured into full dedicated track at FRAMES. We instituted the the only Animation Awards in this country ” FICCI BAF ( Best Animated FRAMES) Awards” in 2003 – 04. FICCI with its committment to Develop Animation and Gaming sector in India, has launched FICCI Animation & Gaming Forum. “We will consolidate various stake holders in this industry. Under this Forum, we will not only drive the policy issues but also showcase the promise & potential of Indian Animation & Gaming Industry at various International Markets, like MIPCOM, ANNECY etc. The Forum by organising convention and seminars, will discuss the problems related to the industry and help in forming a meaningful solution” Following are excerpts from an Official Release that FICCI shared with Animation ‘xpress The goals and objectives of the Forum
  • To promote continuous public and business awareness about the Animation & Gaming industry;
  • To support technology research and development;
  • To design and implement educational and training programs;
  • To establish an Awards for acknowledging creativity in the industry and,
  • To address any other issues deemed important by its members.
Main Agenda SKILL SET DEVELOPMENT FOR THE ANIMATION & GAMING SECTOR There is an acute shortage of talent in the animation and gaming sector. It is estimated that in the next five years India will require more than 30,000 trained animators and gaming professionals. Government should aid in the setting up of center of excellence on the lines of IITs and IIMs for the Animation and Gaming industry. Animation is the next biggest growth area in India. India will do extremely well if we modify our education system in such a way that we are able to identify the creative skills in a child and counsel the child and the parents to nurture their creative skills to digital and make a career value on par with medical & engineering. MARKET DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE In order to show case the promise and potential of Indian Animation & Gaming Industry, the Forum plans to take business delegations to various international Markets like Annecy (France), MIPCOM (France), Game Developers Conference (USA), Ottawa Animation festival (Canada), SICAF (Korea) etc. We request the Government to extend its kind support under MDA activity. The countries like Japan, Korea, China etc provide assistance to the local Animation & Gaming Industry for overseas business promotion.