VFX Red Bull Game On launches Good Game show on YouTube -

Red Bull Game On launches Good Game show on YouTube

Popular gamers and esports personalities have come together at the Good Game show, aired on Red Bull Game On (YouTube Channel). It pits some of India’s best streamers, casters, pro gamers, commentators, and other gaming personalities against each other in a game show format where two teams try to beat each other by collecting the maximum points over several rounds.

The personalities to feature in the first season of Good Game Show are Red Bull player Techno Gamerz, Red Bull player Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth, Jonathan, Xyaa, Ghatak, Harshita, Kronten, LolzZz, Sharkshe, Jaideep Sood, Hades, Swifty, TbOne, Rebel, Sway, Hydraflick, Kripz, Dobby, Kammaljeet and Ruchir Jha.

Hosted by Ocean Sharma, the game show culminates into five episodes of about 25 minutes each, with two teams (Team Red and Team Blue) competing in each episode. Each team consists of two players each, essentially a two-vs-team battle. They go head-to-head to earn maximum points while ensuring they survive till the end of the game since each team has a health bar and wrong answers deduct health. But teams also have chances to replenish their health and earn buffs as power-ups can be won at different stages of the game as well.

Explained here are the rounds in each episode:

Round 1: The Beginner’s Battle – The first round will see the two teams butting heads in a game of trivia, with minus marking on life bars each time a team answers incorrectly.
Round 2: Chaos in the Middle – This is a dumb charade round with a gaming spin on it. Be prepared to see the players make the goofiest faces as they try to explain the name of the game to their teammate.
Round 3: Ab Buzz kar – As the name suggests, this is a buzzer round that test how quickly the gamers can think up the correct answer.
Round 4: The Final Fight – This round will put the gamers in a more physical challenge where they compete in the childhood classic game Dog and the bone.
Bonus Round: MedKit – This bonus round will give the losing team a chance to snatch victory with three rounds of Rock paper scissors.

The show is full of banter, challenges, excitement, laughter, and an opportunity to see your favourite gamers doing things you’ve never seen them do before.