Ready Player Me app brings Wolf3D’s selfie-based avatar creation to Koji users

Ready Player Me, a cross-game avatar platform used by over 200 developers, including VRChat, LIV, and Somnium Space, announced the launch of its Koji Link in Bio app. The Ready Player Me app brings Wolf3D’s innovative selfie-based avatar creation to Koji users, and provides a way to render and authenticate digital avatars directly on Koji Link in Bios.

“Personal 3D avatars are not just for gamers. As more and more of our day-to-day lives take place digitally, our virtual representations take on increasing importance. We believe that launching our app on Koji furthers the ultimate convergence of the creator economy, the Metaverse, and adjacent technologies like NFTs and blockchain gaming,” said  Wolf3D CEO Timmu Tõke.

“The Koji Link in Bio is an identity layer that is decoupled from any individual social media network, which is a necessity for the modern multi-platform creator. The Ready Player Me app introduces new ways of thinking about identity and presence across digital spaces in a way that shifts power to creators instead of platforms,” said Koji head of growth Grant Long.

Koji creators can install the app to their Link In Bio and create their full-body 3D avatars, starting with a selfie and then customizing their avatars with over 300 options. Once they are happy with the configuration, the creator then saves the avatar, which is publicly visible in a viewer app on their Link In Bio. When creators play one of more than 200 games or interactive experiences that integrate with the Ready Player Me platform, their avatar is automatically available as their playable character. The avatar is highly customisable and skinnable, including with exclusive NFT-based items. The Ready Player Me app is available today on the Koji App Store and is free to use.