VFX 'PUBG Mobile' India's teaser video features Indian players Kronten, Jonathan and Dynamo -

‘PUBG Mobile’ India’s teaser video features Indian players Kronten, Jonathan and Dynamo

PUBG Corporation and Krafton have announced that PUBG Mobile India, the game, will be arriving soon. Although details were not mentioned, but the official PUBG Mobile India channel has dropped its first teaser video. PUBG Corporation announced the Indian version of the game and the fans were elated about the announcement. PUBG Corporation also said that the in-game content would be improved in the new version to cater to the requirements of the Indian users as well as create a healthy game environment and culture in the country. Soon after another announcement made by PUBG India’s Twitter channel shows a trailer to the awaited upcoming ad!

The trailer gives us this gloomy feeling of something that we have missed for so long; its how most PUBG players felt while they could not play the game. The teaser definitely reflects the feelings of all PUBG players in India. The teaser shows Kronten, Jonathan and Dynamo all bored. Every clip in the video, shows text, in the end, stating ‘Missing the excitement?’, ‘Missing the Pan?’ and ‘Missing the Thrill?’. And in the final clip, you see all three staring at the fan, missing playing PUBG Mobile. The text, in the end, shows ‘Missing the Chicken Dinner?’.

Post the launch of the teaser, PUBG Mobile content creator Kronten Gaming has shed some light on the dates of the launch which is yet to be revealed by PUBG Corporation officially. However, Kronten has claimed that PUBG Mobile can come back in India by 20 November if the entire trailer gets released anytime soon according to Talkesports.

Although the teaser video doesn’t show the release date of the new app or anything at all about what to expect, the firm has previously confirmed that the in-game content will be improved and tailored to reflect local needs while various aspects of the game will be customised for Indian gamers. In fact, the Indian version would be slightly different from the global version as far as the game’s content is concerned. It will include virtual simulation training, and characters will be clothed automatically. Moreover, a special function will likely be implemented to place certain restrictions on the game time to promote healthy gameplay habits. Although the global version of PUBG Mobile earlier did have time limitations, with the introduction of the Indian version, it is expected that the restrictions could be stricter.