VFX Pokémon Go to celebrate the 'festival of colours' globally from 15 to 20 March -

Pokémon Go to celebrate the ‘festival of colours’ globally from 15 to 20 March

Pokémon Go will celebrate the festival of colours globally for the first time! Taking place from 15 to 20 March 2022, the event will have trainers from across the world join in to celebrate with a wide range of colourful Pokémon appearing during the festival. The Festival of Colours 2022 promises to add more excitement as part of the new season of Alola.

Last year, the Festival of Colors was the first regional in-game event for India, where Indian trainers experienced a fluttering of festive hues. Pokémon associated with different colours of the Festival of Colours were attracted to Incense more frequently than normal. As part of the Festival of Colours celebration, two Avatar costumes were released for all trainers.

Trainers in India were also able to complete a series of Timed Research tasks to receive a variety of in-game rewards. Prior to the event, the India Wayfarer Challenge was also announced, and Trainers were awarded a bonus after the event.  

Niantic has been ramping up operations in India since 2021 with events such as Festival of Lights. During The Festival of Colours, a new Pokémon Dedenne was released as well as a rangoli inspired avatar outfit.

More details about the Festival of Colours will come soon.