VFX 'PHOBOS SUBHUMAN DEMO' releases on Steam and Itchio -

‘PHOBOS SUBHUMAN DEMO’ releases on Steam and Itchio

PHOBOS SUBHUMAN DEMO has been released on both Steam and Itchio. You are able to play the demo version of the game for free on those two platforms. This is just a small bit of the full game, more to explore when the full game is ready.

This is Underdog’s first game. Underdog Virtual is a Greek game studio that consists of eight persons and some freelancers. We would like to thank everyone who worked on the project. We hope you enjoy PHOBOS SUBHUMAN DEMO.

Phobos Subhuman creators commented, “When you are working on a big project like Phobos for three years and finally you reach a point when a Demo is released it is both a moment of fulfilment and anxiety. You want to know how people will react to your product if they will find it interesting, challenging, intriguing in some way. Additionally, in a game, there is much worry that one or more players may run into bugs or glitches because no matter how much a small team tests the game there is a big chance they forgot something.”

“With Phobos I am quite satisfied with our launch, I think the essence of the game is communicated through the Demo. However, some minor bugs and glitches have appeared to some players and this was a trigger of tension. We have immediately updated the older versions, however, the versions played before the public launch have a couple of bugs. 
In general, the Demo was a big lesson for us and gave us a lot of feedback as well as a unique overview which we will use to make the final game as good as possible.”

“We would also like to thank in advance all the content creators and the virtual photography community who share their experiences with their audience. Some updates with improvements and fixes may follow in the following days, so you can expect some changes.”