VFX Orangutan Gaming and Team Elite join forces for 'Free Fire' roster -

Orangutan Gaming and Team Elite join forces for ‘Free Fire’ roster

Orangutan Gaming has joined forces and signed one of the best teams in Asia, Team Elite, as their Free Fire roster. An all-time fan favourite that has helped the mobile gaming platform Free Fire gain widespread traction in India, Team Elite is finally signed on as Orangutan’s Free Fire roster and the combination of these two powerhouses will be known as ‘Orangutan Elite’ who will be playing across tournaments and large-scale championships. 

With the advent of the pandemic, the mobile gaming industry in India has grown tremendously and is projected to continue to do so for the coming years. Free Fire in India has become one of the largest mobile gaming platforms and in its rise to mainstream gaming has become synonymous with their FFIC (Free Fire India Championship) 2021 fall tournament champions, Team Elite. Since becoming FFIC fall 2021 champions Team Elite’s popularity has further skyrocketed making them Asia’s number one Team in Free Fire. 


Team Orangutan Elite will be consisting of five electrifying members: 

Ajay Saini, also known as Jonty 

Dev Kumar, also known as Iconic 

Rohit Sahu, also known as RDP 

Aditya Singh, also known as Killer 

Lokesh Karakoti, also known as Pahadi 

Recently, Garena made a documentary on Pahadi & his Free Fire journey. The purpose of making this documentary is to show how huge he is in the online gaming industry & how he is an inspiration for so many young aspiring esports athletes. 

Aside from being brilliant players, they also vlog on a daily basis, displaying their everyday lives and everything that goes on with them outside of gaming helping their fans get a deeper insight in their lives. After one and half years of playing together and hailing from different parts of India, these five young men have proven that they are literally five different fingers and together they make a perfect fist. The energy, synergy, and love they have for one another is beyond anybody’s ability to comprehend, making them an amazing team and the perfect partners for each other.  

Talking about the recent signing, Orangutan Gaming head of marketing Khushali Dodia said, “We are extremely elated to announce the Orangutan Elite Free Fire Roster that packs massive energy, potential and expectations from the fans and gaming-enthusiasts alike. We’re really looking forward to collaborating with Asia’s best team and working to achieve new milestones.”