VFX Newegg Studios’ 'The Gamer Lounge' challenges video game players in weekly episodes -

Newegg Studios’ ‘The Gamer Lounge’ challenges video game players in weekly episodes

Newegg Commerce has announced that The Gamer Lounge, a short-form reality-competition video series produced by Newegg Studios, will now have a new episode available weekly on YouTube. The Gamer Lounge, exclusive to the Newegg YouTube channel, pits a group of video game players against one another as they compete for domination in a variety of video games.

Each episode sees four players competing in a winner-takes-all challenge in various games. The players include popular social media influencers and Newegg hosts.

Viewers can also get involved by predicting the winner of each episode with successful guesses potentially earning prizes like an Xbox Series S or Thrustmaster gaming peripherals. 

In the current schedule, viewers can expect a new episode at 4 pm Pacific Time every Wednesday on the Newegg Studios YouTube channel.

The show, which debuted in July 2021, was a limited-run series, airing new episodes every few months, until now.

The current episode features four contestants in the Thrustmaster Gamer Lounge Tournament championship competing in a racing game using a Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel on Xbox Series S.

The Gamer Lounge is intended for viewers to explore the game along with the players. As the level progresses, the competition increases, which is where the fun takes off – as on-screen players try to sabotage each other so they can win that week’s challenge.

“The Gamer Lounge is a wild, unpredictable series that tests the limits of contestants’ gaming skills and strategy. Viewer interest resulted in a move to weekly episodes and is further proof of the show’s growing success. Newegg Studios is committed to creating entertaining video content, and The Gamer Lounge is central to that,” Newegg studio producer Ethan Weiser said.

Newegg Studios is the in-house production arm of Newegg and produces original content with a technology focus. The Gamer Lounge is Newegg Studios’ first short format reality-competition show and more original content is planned for the rest of 2022.