Netflix brings BAFTA-winning game ‘Before Your Eyes’ to its mobile gaming section

With another blockbuster, Netflix is extending its range of mobile games. The critically acclaimed Before Your Eyes is making its exclusive mobile premiere on Netflix, after the platform’s recent release of Into the Breach. Before Your Eyes was awarded the BAFTA Games award for Games Beyond Entertainment.

The recently deceased Benjamin Brynn is the subject of the book Before Your Eyes. You can play the game and experience Brynn’s memories of his life as he passes into death using eye-tracking technology. According to Netflix, the game will make use of the camera on your smartphone to record players’ blinks and glances. Before Your Eyes had mouse support in its PC version, but it’s unclear if there will be a touch element in the Netflix version.

In addition to Before Your Eyes, Netflix is also introducing Mahjong Solitaire, a single-player tile matching game with daily challenges and achievements.

To become a serious contender in the mobile gaming market, Netflix is consistently improving its games. Before Your Eyes, Into The Breach, Spiritfarer, and others are being made available only on the platform, complementing Netflix’s more casual, 20-minutes-in-the-doctor’s-office entertainment like Dungeon Dwarves. Netflix claims that it plans to double its selection of games to approximately 50 by the end of the year, indicating that it is fully committed to being a destination for mobile indie gaming.