Nazara to launch Rounders in US

nullMumbai based Mobile content company is in the midst of launching a game based on Hollywood movie ‘Rounders‘. The game is targeted at and will be launched in the US market. Rounders is a 2D card game in which the player can get to play a variety of poker games in innovative formats. The game play has the player living through the movie by assuming the role of the lead character, Mike. It caters to many playing styles in single player and multiplayer and offers three modes: Quick Game – To satisfy that sudden urge for poker, Rounders Challenge – Unique quest based mode built on the storyline of the movie, including dialogues, settings and characters; and Rounders Online – The multiplayer world for those who want to play with other poker enthusiasts. Speaking to, CEO Nitish Mittersain shared, “The game will be distributed globally through various mobile operators. Our primary market will be North America, where the poker culture is pretty predominant.” The game took around ten months to develop and a team of 12 people worked on it. The initial launch is on the BREW platform but shortly Nazara will also launch it on J2ME platform. The game will launch in March this year in US and will cost around $7 for the subscriber and by the April 2007, it will be in India across all the operators‘ deck. “We are delighted to work closely with Disney / Miramax in bringing this popular movie to poker fans and expect that the strong franchise along with the top quality game we have produced will surely place Rounders Poker firmly into the top ten charts of mobile operators globally.” Mittersain concluded.