Mythpat crosses 10M subscribers on YouTube

Entertainment and gaming content creator, Mithilesh Patankar (popularly known as Mythpat), has crossed the 10M subscribers milestone on YouTube. The 23-year-old gamer enjoys 80-85 million views on his YouTube channel each month. He has a cumulative viewership of 1.9 billion thus far. 

Mythpat is a popular name in the gaming and comic space. With a hint of funny mimicry to his gaming videos, Mythpat is transforming the gameplay scene in India, and his videos have caught the eye of millions of people in the country. Interestingly, he is often seen sharing screens with celebs over fun collaborations. Recently, he became the first Indian gamer to collaborate with Marvel Studios (over a fun conversation with Marvel superhero – Simu Liu). He also launched a Spotify Original – The Mythpat Podcast, India’s first gaming and entertainment podcast. Netflix is yet another platform that Mythpat is also known to create content for. 

Overjoyed to reach this milestone, Mythpat said: “This seems unreal. Constant grinding and experimentation with my content over the last three years have helped me cross the most important milestones in my life. I am extremely grateful to receive such love from people across the country and world. I have always been passionate about mimicking, and merging this with my gameplay hobby helped build an unconventional career. These growing numbers, milestones, and collaborations are emblematic of the content I am probably creating is of good taste, and this further motivates me to entertain people with the right content.” 

Truly unleashing the power of ‘influence’, Mythpat was committed to help and give back to the community during the lethal COVID-19 second wave this year. Mythpat in association with Slayy Point brought together 35+ Indian leading influencers and hosted a 7.5-hour-long charity live stream on YouTube. Mythpat raised $100000 for COVID relief via this activity.

Through his fun and joyful content, Mythpat has successfully blurred the lines and brought together both gaming and entertainment communities under one roof. Presenting a touch of Bollywood in gaming, accepting fun challenges, and being smitten by Doremon and Baburao characters, Mythpat is now preparing to bring in an international appeal via his content and collaborations.