Mobile gaming will spruce up with cloud, better animation, VFX in games and blockchain: says VP of global marketing Juhi Hajela

The burgeoning mobile gaming industry in India has tempted gaming industry stakeholders to target the users with cloud gaming as it enables the players to play a particular device specific game on any device. Not just that, with rising demand for games, users have also become critical on consuming quality content and cloud can help to maintain the quality irrespective of devices. And is one such platform that enables gaming communities to play games on any device or OS, share games instantly on their social channels and pay in-game through payment channels they already have, thus opening the world of consumers to game developers and unlocking entirely new revenue streams.

Juhi Hajela

In conversation with AnimationXpress, vice president of global marketing Juhi Hajela shared, “Over the years the quality of animation and VFX in gaming has improved but at the cost of device performance. With the mobile cloud, the same high-level animation and VFX visuals can be delivered to mobile gamers even on low-end devices. In the future we foresee developers making mobile cloud-only games, which could handle far superior animation and VFX visuals without any dependence on local device performance other than internet speed.”

As per Hajela, at mobile cloud, the game rendering has eased as it is done on powerful multi-quad core servers with remarkable speed. Infact, the graphics rendered in the mobile cloud are far superior in quality compared to any local device. “With a normal 4G or broadband speed, gamers can experience this incredibly improved animation and VFX quality in an instant, across any device. Gamers can enjoy this high-quality gaming even on low-end devices, just by clicking on a web link or sharing it through social media posts. It’s also a lot easier to share mobile cloud games,” Hajela added.

Unreal and Unity are a few of the most popular game development engines which has eased the pain of game developers over the years. She shared, “Any game developed on these engines can be easily published to the mobile cloud without any additional development. mobile cloud is compatible with both.”

Like cloud gaming, with the advent of NFT, blockchain in gaming is also expanding and also has fungible games (NFG) platform which enables games developed in Unity or Unreal Engine to be made fungible. “With NFG, games can be broken down into game code, game events, and game art with different people owning different pieces of the game. fungible game is a crucial step in moving towards web 3.0 compatible mobile game metaverse,” she added.

She believes to certain extent that  NFTs are fast-growing in the gaming industry but the usage is limited to either mining them to get small souvenirs or receiving an NFT as an award for winning a game. This is a limited usage. “With fungible games (NFG), the mobile gaming industry would be revolutionized. Games, animations and VFX could be customised by gamers or creators and pre-owned NFTs, images or animation, can be placed within the fungible games. We launched our first NFG game Heya in January 2022. Gamers can add their pre-owned NFTs within the game or buy new NFTs from NFT marketplace and use it as game accessories.”

The mobile cloud company aims to bolster the growth of the gaming sector with better quality games, technology like cloud and blockchain to provide immersive gaming experience without device constraints.