Mars Wrigley partners with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics to bring in-game content for ‘Avengers’ fans

Mars Wrigley, announced a partnership with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics to bring Marvel’s Avengers players a range of new in-game content. 5 GUM is the worldwide exclusive gum partner of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics for one of the highest-profile games of the year.

“We’re so excited to partner with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics to serve up some exciting new digital content to fans.This partnership will help deliver two things that every fellow gamer desires – the focus needed by chewing gum while you play, and new content to take your Marvel’s Avengers gaming experience to the next level,” says Mars Wrigley sr. brand manager of Gum and Mints Scott Koplowitz. 

With the purchase of every 5 GUM promotional pack, Marvel’s Avengers players can go to official site of PlayAvengers 5Gum to unlock a series of in-game content pieces with a code found inside each promotional pack. By logging into their Square Enix Members account (registration required), fans begin to unveil their redemption journey.

“From the beginning of this campaign we strived to align ourselves with partners who were willing to step outside ‘the usual’ and bring their customers a strategic offering that goes beyond what’s expected.From day one, 5 Gum and Crystal Dynamics were aligned to do something transformative as a partnership that’s focused on rewarding gamers. The core of Marvel’s Avengers is the idea that the team, and our players, are stronger together. That’s what motivates our heroes in-game and our partnerships outside of it. As a result, our global program with 5 Gum offers players far more than anyone expects,” said Square Enix head of worldwide strategic partnerships Karl Stewart

Participating players will receive 5 Gum Marvel’s Avengers name plates with their first code redemption while subsequent codes will unlock items that enhance their Heroes within the game when it is released on September 4. Fans can also redeem codes to download exclusive PlayStation themes, avatars and, in the United States, Marvel Insider points. In-game content offer available while supplies last.

The promotion begins 17August in North America and select territories around the world.