Logitech G partners up with Riot Games for ‘League of Legends’

Logitech G and Riot Games, creator of League of Legends, announced a new multi-year partnership.

As a part of the agreement, Logitech G will introduce a portfolio of officially licensed League of Legends (LoL) gaming products, the first of which is inspired by the aesthetics of the global virtual music group, K/DA, and their 2020 comeback.

“We’re honoured to be selected as the official and exclusive partner to Riot Games for the world’s biggest games ever, League of Legends. Our multi-year partnership will bring several product, technology and design collaborations that will give League of Legends fans the best way to play,” said Logitech G chief marketing officer Peter Kingsley. 

The first collection will include a K/DA-branded suite of Logitech G’s most popular gaming peripherals, including the Logitech G733 gaming headset, the Logitech G304/G305 gaming mouse, the G840 gaming mousepad and the exclusive Logitech G333 LoL gaming in-ear headset, complete with co-designed colouring, images and branding.

“We aim to deliver to our players the best and most expressive ways in showing their love and passion for League of Legends. For that reason, we’re excited to partner with Logitech G to bring unique, world-class gaming products to LoL, and K/DA, fans around the world,” said Riot Games director of consumer products Christian Bayley.

The centerpiece to this new collection is the Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Gaming Headset, a lightweight, full-featured wireless headset that comes in four colours to fit your style. Weighing only 278 grams, the headset features new colourful, reversible and adjustable suspension headbands, and comes equipped with soft dual-layer memory foam earpads that conform to your head, making it one of the lightest and most comfortable headsets Logitech G has ever designed.

The G333 LoL gaming in-ear headset is the first in-ear headphone from Logitech G. Featuring dual audio drivers in each ear housing, one driver dedicated to the bass, the other is dedicated to the mids and highs, the G333 delivers a powerful audio gaming experience.

To unlock all your abilities, the G304/G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse is a compact, lightweight, high-performance gaming mouse. Weighing only 99 grams for high manoeuvrability, the G304 features HERO sensor and LIGHTSPEED wireless technologies in design gamers love.

The Logitech G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad was selected for its gigantic surface area, which gives gamers more space to play, and makes for a large canvas on which to print the custom K/DA artwork. The G840 gaming mouse pad features a rubber base, allowing for quick, sweeping hand movements, while the performance-tuned surface provides optimal sensor imagery for precise cursor movement even at high speeds.

Starting today, all products will be available at LogitechG official site in China only, with availability to the rest of the world in 2021. The Logitech K/DA G333 in-ear headset will retail for $49.99; the Logitech K/DA G733 Lightspeed wireless RGB gaming headset will retail $129.99; the Logitech K/DA G304/G305 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse retails for $59.99; the Logitech K/DA G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad will retail for $49.99.