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Lightz Out Esports’ ‘PUBG Mobile’ lineup points out aggressive gameplay

As PUBG Mobile is aiming to make its return to India and teasing with evolved new elements and the security system post the ban, esports organisations in India are aiming to launch their PUBG Mobile roster. This time Lightz Out Esports, which has been formed recently, revealed their PUBG Mobile India roster.

Esports organisations and players are expecting the game to relaunch soon and due to the brief hiatus, they don’t want to be left behind. In a new development, an esports organisation Lightz Out Esports has entered the PUBG Mobile scene by acquiring a former Team XSpark roster for upcoming tournaments. Due to recent speculations of release in 2021, esports organisations are gearing up with their rosters. The esports organisation took it to social media to reveal its roster

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Here’s the roster:

420op- Shivamm Raghav(IGL and Assaulter)

Destro- Ammar Khan (Assaulter)

EvoO- Mohamed Shahil (Assaulter)

Aditya- Aditya Mathe (Assaulter)

Kedar- Founder and CEO of Lightz Out Esports

EvoO is one of the earliest players in the PUBG Mobile scene and has been active since 2018. He has represented teams like Godlike, Vsg Crawlers, and Team XSpark, while 420op and Destro were associated with U Mumba before joining XSpark. Aditya, one of the new entrants in the PUBG Mobile scene, has shown his mettle through his performance. He was the top fragger of the PMCO Fall Split 2020.

The lineup is aggressive and has won the esteemed PUBG Mobile Club Open: Fall Split India 2020, representing Team XSpark. It also qualified for the PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia Fall Split S2 but was unable to participate due to the game’s ban.