VFX Kwalee’s 'Teacher Simulator' has crossed 30 million downloads -

Kwalee’s ‘Teacher Simulator’ has crossed 30 million downloads

Teacher Simulator, a hypercasual mobile game in which players manage a classroom of kids, has officially crossed 30 million downloads worldwide. Developed and published by Kwalee, the game was first launched in November 2020, surpassing four million players in the same month.

Teacher Simulator is a charming little game that dives into the nostalgic trappings of school life – asking questions, picking students out, marking grades, keeping an eye on exam cheats – albeit with a lighthearted tone and humour. It became one of Kwalee’s big hits during 2020 and rose up as a flagship game quickly.

“It’s great to see a game like this reaching so many players and still continuing to grow.That so many players clearly want to engage with new experiences like Teacher Simulator fills us with pride and confidence to keep making unique titles with a broad range of influences,” Kwalee’s CEO David Darling CBE said of its success. 

2020 was a period of adaptation for Kwalee, as it was for businesses around the world, with the Leamington Spa-headquartered company adapting to remote work for the first time as well as opening its first overseas offices in Bangalore, India and Beijing, China. Kwalee now employs more than 160 people across 13 countries and developing hits such as Teacher Simulator with a global team is now a definite norm.

Teacher Simulator, along with other hits from the year including Bake ItObject Hunt and Blade Forge 3D, have proven the success of our transition to globally-distributed teams and remote working in 2020.This is the blueprint for how we see ourselves working and building more hits in the long term,” added Darling.

During the first quarter of 2021, Teacher Simulator played a significant role in Kwalee’s efforts to back the Marcus Rashford-backed charity, FareShare, to fight against child food poverty.

Kwalee pledged 100 per cent of the UK profits made from the game’s advertisements and in-app purchases over the first week of the school term to FareShare, with the hopes that it would help provide children with the sustenance and nutrition they need to keep themselves healthy and happy. 

Teacher Simulator has grabbed everyone’s attention since its first pitch during Creative Wednesday, attaining overwhelmingly positive responses from the Kwalee development teams as well their public test audiences.

Today, the game stacks up alongside Kwalee’s most popular games such as Shootout 3D (35 million downloads), Bake It (49 million downloads), and Draw It (94 million+ downloads) – all of which are the brainchildren of Creative Wednesdays.

“We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the support of our amazing teams.They’ve worked tirelessly to bring you the kind of fun that attracts and surprises folks around us, so we feel humbled when news like this comes up. It always reminds us why we’re doing this and why making games is the best thing, bar none,” head of development Simon Platt stated.

Kwalee is always keeping its doors open to enthusiastic developers who’d love to release their hypercasual games with a collaborative publisher that truly understands the development process. Developers can learn more about partnering up via Kwalee’s official site.