VFX Krafton rolls out 1.8 update for 'BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA' -

Krafton rolls out 1.8 update for ‘BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA’

KRAFTON, South Korean video game developer, is all set to thrill millions of its BATTLEGROUNDS enthusiasts in India, with the introduction of new features, and amazing new Classic Mode features with an all-new UI in its 1.8 update rolling out on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The update will be rolled out for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA sequentially starting today, so fans are requested to be patient for it to show up on the app store.

With the 1.8 update, players can avail the new theme Livik : Aftermath until 14 February 2022. The geography of the island has completely changed after the volcano eruption and the meltdown of the snow. Players can jump in for surprises, as they take on their enemies in a completely changed Livik map! Players can also quickly move between spots owing to the Multiple zip line spots that are spawned in the map.

Furthermore, as a part of the update, various events, celebrating the collaboration will be available for players giving them an enthralling and exciting experience. They can also get rating protection once every day for playing in the new mode.

Introducing the biggest change in matchmaking – ranked matching and normal matchmaking are separated. If you drop into ranked matchmaking, this gives you season rating points like before, and if you play in normal matchmaking, season tier point is not affected, so you can fight it out on a variety of modes such as Classic Modes, Arena Modes, and other special EvoGround Modes.

As always, player feedback is core to how they make changes to game balance. And, they have delivered on that. The UI has been drastically changed to make it cleaner and more intuitive. Players can now swim when knocked out, albeit a little slower. Enemies taking a hit from the player, or their squad, will automatically be marked now.

Critical changes to classic mode will take place including the all-new game mechanic of supply stores which will appear throughout the map, and you can exchange the coins that you loot with supply items from the stores. In fact, there are also revive objects strewn around in all theme modes which allow you to invoke back defeated teammates after they have been taken out. Finally, there will be massive improvements to parachute mechanisms while landing, with all new tools to mark when you want to drop on the map. All this and more coming in 1.8!