VFX Jump Games, Virgin Comics launch mobile games on Shakti series -

Jump Games, Virgin Comics launch mobile games on Shakti series

Jump Games, formerly Paradox studios has joined hands with Virgin Comics for an agreement to expand the Virgin Comics` Shakti series characters into mobile games.

The products to be launched include action and role playing games based on three Virgin comics hit titles including Devi, The Sadhu and Ramayan 3392AD. The first game scheduled for release is Devi featuring the Indian female superhero created by acclaimed film maker and Virgin Comics co-founder, Shekhar kapur.

Salil Bhargava, CEO of Jump Games said, “Virgin is one of the world`s most powerful youth brands and collaborating with Virgin Comics on this venture has been an excellent experience. Virgin`s larger-than-life characters provide us with a tremendous scope to recreate the magic of a comic book both on 2D as well as 3D gaming platforms. Our games based on the Shakti series are not only suited well for Indian audiences but also have a strong global appeal. Working with Virgin Comics has been a great start for Jump`s vision and focus on emerging as a leader in 2D and 3D Mobile gaming.”

Speaking on the occasion, Sharad Devarajan, CEO of Virgin Comics said, “Jump Games has a production quality and expertise that competes with the best mobile gaming companies in the world. We are thrilled to work with such a likeminded partner to bring a new level of interactivity for our great stories and character to gamers worldwide.”

Speaking to Animation Xpress.com Sharad shared, “Mission for both Jump Games and Virgin Comics is to reverse the trend of western content going to the east by creating strong content based on an eastern philosophy that will appeal globally. We realize that the future distribution pipeline for content is going to be the mobile device and our partnership with Jump is significant.”

While Devi and The Sadhu are being created as action games, the game on Ramayan 3392 AD will be a role playing game. Bhargava also commented that Jump will be creating multiple games as well as sequels as the comic range continues. The games are scheduled to be released from January through March 2007. Besides the comic series, The Sadhu is also being developed by superstar actor Nicolas Cage as a film. A fourth mobile application based on the recent book, Deepak Chopra Kama Sutra explores Chopra`s views on the connection between spirituality and sexuality.

All these Mobile games contain multiple levels of game challenges with varying difficulties. Jump Games, one of India`s leading mobile and web games developer has developed the mobile applications and will be responsible for marketing the games worldwide.

Commenting on the new name Jump Games, Bhargava said, “The name not only conveys the vibrancy and youth that we aspire too, but also symbolizes our going up the value chain where earlier Paradox studios was a developer of games and now as Jump games we are publishers as well as developers. We are now completely focused on mobile and online gaming.”