VFX Indian game 'Silly World' witnesses over three lakh pre-registrations due to 'Squid Game' mode -

Indian game ‘Silly World’ witnesses over three lakh pre-registrations due to ‘Squid Game’ mode

Silly World, an India-based mobile game by developer SuperGaming, has just surpassed over 300,000 registrations for its Squid Game inspired ‘Squid Royale’ mode. Silly World is currently SuperGaming’s fastest growing game with over 10 million downloads.

The new mode will be featuring many mini-games from Netflix’s smash hit Squid Game, including Red Light Green Light, Dalgona Cookie and Tug of War games as seen on the game’s store page description.

The new mode is all set to cross half a million registration mark before its launch, which is speculated to be on Diwali this year on 4 November 2021.

The game, as of now, is hosting its Halloween themed event inside its Mystery Mansion, and it recently received an update for its new ‘Maze Race‘ game mode.

Currently, Silly World includes three game modes:

  • Jailbreak
  • Hide and seek
  • Murder Mystery

The company’s other game MaskGun had also recently crossed 50 million players across Android and iOS platforms. Silly World is playable on Google Play Store for Android devices along with the App Store for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.