Indiagames, Sify to launch A3 on GoD

Leading Indian mobile game company Indiagames,has inked a deal with Sify to launch its A3 MMORPG game on Indiagames Games on Demand ┬áservice. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game or MMORPG is a multiplayer computer role-playing game which allows numerous players to play in an evolving virtual world at the same time over the Internet. Speaking to, Indiagames” Vishal Gondal shared, “GoD is the best platform to get the best games in India, and therefore it is our quest to continue to give the best to our subscribers. It was logical for us to go and get the A3 games. A3 is one of the best MMORPG games in country and we have got into a tie-up with Sify for the same” Sify’s A3 is a fantasy and action game and has a fully interactive environment with a focus on role-playing and interactions with the other characters. Commenting on the partnership with Indiagames, Pijush Kanti Das, President, Access media, Sify Ltd, said, “We are happy to partner with Indiagames and are all set to take the online gaming industry to an all new dimension. Also, we are confident that this partnership would be a great platform for the existing gaming community to enhance their skills in advance MMORPG games”. The Games on Demand service is an online monthly subscription based gaming service that offers a catalogue of over 300 games across multiple genres catering to gamers of all skill sets on various mobile service provider comprise of BSNL, MTNL, Airtel etc.