VFX India and its AVGC sector to play a huge part to bring Web 3.0 evolution: says Jetking Infotrain CEO and MD Harsh Bharwani -

India and its AVGC sector to play a huge part to bring Web 3.0 evolution: says Jetking Infotrain CEO and MD Harsh Bharwani

The experience of today’s web is way more evolved compared to 10 years ago; thanks to the technology transformation which has helped us to where we are surfing today. With smarter technology our lives have become smarter and today every facility and opportunity can be accessed at the tip of our finger. From banking to grocery shopping to buying medicines or consulting a doctor, everything can be done on the web. But from here where are we heading? If you think we have evolved enough and there’s no way beyond; then you are wrong! From here we enter a much more immersive space with the help of Web 3.0.

Harsh Bharwani

In conversation with Animation Xpress, Jetking Infotrain CEO and MD Harsh Bharwani articulated a few glimpses of Web 3.0 digital transformation. He said, “Web3 is a decentralized version of the internet built on blockchain technology. The latest technological breakthrough Web 3.0 significantly alters the digital landscape of the internet. This has the power to change traditional business into a digital environment. By providing a unique user experience, businesses will be able to identify their target audience and customers online. People can easily and quickly search for their wants online. This will improve the browsing experience instantly. It will also assist businesses in understanding customer online behavior and trends.

It’s not easy to build up this web space which will not just have an immersive web but a real world digital double. Because of this a lot of new job avenues will open up. For developing apps and Web3 platforms enterprises will require blockchain developers, machine learning specialists, app developers, front-end and back-end developers, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers, data analytics professionals, and content writers. “By constructing a digital twin of the real world, the metaverse allows people to connect with each other, conduct commerce, and do much more within virtual worlds,” he added.

This technology transformation will impact every sphere and this includes the education system too. According to him, both instructors and students have adopted a new, distant learning method since early 2020 due to Covid 19 pandemic. He shared,  “Throughout the global lockdowns, technology has been critical to the continuance of learning.

  • Curricula are brought up to date.
  • Gamification.
  • Supports practical application of theory and encourages interdisciplinary learning.
  • Enhances test results”

The practice of the distant learning system will continue even in the world of metaverse. He expressed, “Web 3.0 is the new wave of internet services for web applications, focusing on offering a data-driven and Semantic Web that uses machine learning to analyze data. The ultimate goal of Web 3.0 is to create more cognitive, interconnected, and open websites. It is far from a complete statement, and it is already being extended to include future evolution. It not only makes it easy to keep their data, but it also rewards them for their time spent on the internet by utilizing cutting-edge Internet technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, including blockchain to achieve real-world human connections.”

The AVGC sector is an emerging sector in India and the AVGC task force will enhance the Indian job market to grow by more than two million jobs in the coming years. In fact, the AVGC sector will also bolster in building the metaverse to cater to the Indian markets and aims to fulfill the global demands. “The top trends of the Metaverse in the AVGC sector include – AR, VR, Character Creation, World Building, and so on. These areas need to augment and train the workforce for the next five to 10 years to achieve sector growth. Further, the UX/UI design and animation areas will also get more boost with new changes and requirements. Experts like testers, artists, developers, and so on can easily grab the opportunities in the coming days,” he added.

India is one of the largest populated countries and the talent pool is huge. Not just that, experts believe that India will be the key drivers in the Web3.0 transition. He highlighted, “India has a part to play in the metaverse’s development, and a number of indicators indicate that it is well positioned to do so.

  • India is well-positioned to contribute to the metaverse’s development, thanks to its flourishing IT sector and entrepreneurial culture.
  • The Indian government has been attempting to nurture a $1 trillion digital economy, fueled by a big and increasing young population.

Plans to build a global virtual reality environment present new concerns to authorities around the world.”

Leveling up skills will be crucial and the demand is likely to rise even further in 2022 as new technology concepts such as Web 3.0 and the metaverse gain traction, opening up new career opportunities for developers, engineers, and innovators all around the world. Since Web 3.0 is the third generation of the internet, it is intended to be a decentralized version that gives people ownership over their data, which will be transparent, and will be open for everyone. “Blockchain architecture, cryptographic hash functions, consensus processes, algorithms, distributed ledger technology, and multiple data structures including Merkle Trees and Patricia Trees should all be familiar to you. Golang, Rust, C++, and Java are some of the key languages you’ll be working with. Experience with several development tools and languages, such as Solidity or Substrate, is required,” he added.

He shared some of the conceivable job positions to define in the Web 3.0 field. They are as follows:

  • Web 3.0 Developer
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Smart Contract Developer
  • Blockchain Consultant
  • Community Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Quality & Research Analyst
  • UX Designers
  • Marketing Managers

Top 10 key roles for professionals aspiring to enter Metaverse

  • Metaverse Research Scientist
  • Metaverse Planner
  • Ecosystem Developer
  • Metaverse Safety Manager
  • Metaverse Hardware Builder
  • Metaverse Storyteller
  • World Builder
  • Ad-Blocking Expert
  • Metaverse Cyber-Security

Top IT skills to boost your resume in 2022

  • Security
  • Programming
  • Systems and networks
  • Data analysis
  • DevOps
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning