HyperX announces partner program offering influencers and streamers a range of reward opportunities

HyperX, announced the launch of a HyperX Partner Program for influencers and streamers in the United States. The partner program is designed to allow partners to earn commissions and incentives through their online activities that lead to sales on the HyperX Shop.

HyperX is offering a tiered structure program that allows partners to increase earnings, rewards and other perks based on their participation in the program and sales generated through affiliate links. Partners can receive commission payouts and work towards tiered level incentive programs, care packages that include HyperX apparel and products, and commissions scaling up to 10 per cent. Participants will have the opportunity to receive a personal HyperX Hero illustration when they reach the highest tier level of the program.

“HyperX’s goal is to offer a program to influencers and streamers with great incentives and tools to generate income through their online activities.The program is for everyone, extending this program to online streaming newcomers, stars and celebrities alike allows us to reach new communities with a competitive reward system,” said  HyperX influencer marketing Khoi Nguyen.

The HyperX Partner Program for influencers and streamers gives them the ability to earn revenue and will provide partners with information regarding clicks and sales generated as well as platform assets plus a one-time discount code when joining the program, HyperX apparel, and opportunities to offer direct feedback for HyperX peripherals and to have their partner-generated content featured. The partners may also receive a free T-shirt with their first purchase or sale when they join the program.

Initially, the program is being rolled out in the U.S. with plans to expand to more countries for a global partner program in the future.