HyperX achieves 20 million gaming headsets shipping milestone

HyperX has announced that it has shipped over 20 million gaming headsets since launching HyperX Cloud gaming headsets in April 2014. Underscoring an unwavering commitment to provide comfortable gear for hours of gameplay, HyperX has developed a full line of headsets that deliver high quality sound and performance for gaming, listening to music, watching videos, and chatting. With gaming headsets designed to work with PCs, consoles and mobile devices, HyperX is a leader in the audio gaming market.

“Since the launch of the first HyperX gaming headset in 2014, we’ve steadily evolved our designs and selection of products to become an industry leader for quality, comfort, and sound.As competitive and casual gaming continues to gain popularity across PCs, consoles, and mobile platforms, we strive to further advance our headsets to new levels and look forward to delivering the next 20 million high quality headphones to discerning customers worldwide,” said HyperX general manager Kevin Hague.

HyperX offers a variety of PC, console and wireless headsets to deliver best-in-class products designed to enhance the gaming experience. HyperX’s line of Cloud gaming headsets provide superior performance, comfort and quality designed to meet the most rigorous demands of all gamers. Highlighting support for the esports community and delivering professional-grade gaming gear for both PC and console gamers, HyperX is celebrating a range of product and company milestones, including:

– 2014


First Gaming Headset with Comfort in Mind – the HyperX Cloud


– 2015


HyperX Cloud II with USB Audio Control Box and Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound


– 2016



First Official Xbox Licensed CloudX; CloudX™ Pro Gaming Headset

– 2017


Next-Generation Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset with Dual Chamber Technology


– 2018


Cloud MIX™ Gaming Headset with Bluetooth Technology


– 2019


HyperX Adds Officially Licensed PlayStation®4 Gaming Headsets


– 2020


HyperX Cloud Revolver™ Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound


– 2021


HP Acquires HyperX; Achieves 20 Million Gaming Headsets Shipping Milestone


Since launching its first gaming headsets in 2014, HyperX has expanded its Cloud gaming headset product lineup to include a variety of PC, console, and wireless gaming headsets for a range of gaming needs and applications. The HyperX brand is recognized for delivering high-quality products, including gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, and microphones.