‘Hyper Scape’, offers double XP This Weekend

Hyper Scape, the brand new battle royale recreation from Ubisoft, is providing a double XP promotion this weekend. Now by means of Sunday 20 September, gamers on all platforms will probably be doubly rewarded with expertise, so it is a good time to take a look at the sport or return to it.

Ubisoft additionally confirmed that the new disclosed Turbo Mode, that races matches by creating all loot at max level and increasing the speed of health regeneration, are obtainable throughout the double XP weekend and on the far side. The limited-time mode are obtainable till Tuesday, 22 September.

The official Ubisoft blog post reads,”In-game XP isn’t the only thing being doubled. During this time, you will also earn double Battle Points while using the Crowncast extension on Twitch. So even if you can’t make it into the Hyper Scape, you can still earn double the rewards from wherever you are, just by watching your favorite streamers!”

Developer Ubisoft Montreal has been steady supporting the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game with additional content and new events