Hunter Games announces partnership with Xploree and Desidime in India, to expand gamification

Hunter Games  has announced the expansion of its gamification platform with a blended play of e-commerce bound together with a promotional token wallet for Xploree and Desidime in India.

“Hyper-casual games are a powerful way to engage wide masses of people and not just gamers. We are seeing a solid trend of games driven entertaining engagement that’s locking in customer’s attention like never before. With exciting partnerships such as with Xploree and Desidime, we are looking to build on our vision of blended play,” said  MHG Technologies founder – CEO Dushyant Saraswat.

Hunter Games shall be helping its partners to build powerful cross-sell moments through gamification strategies such as a promotional token wallet to drive revenue for the partner.With their partnership with AI-driven keyboard Xploree, Hunter Games shall be expanding from casual gaming content to a full-fledged Promotional Token-driven gaming, onboarding over 30 million devices using Xploree keyboard.

“Xploree with its increasing reach, global partnerships, and powerful AI & ML platform enables partners to deliver the perfect experience in the right moment. We are excited to explore our partnership with Hunter Games to enhance our user experience,” said  Keypoint Technologies (Xploree) CEO Nutan Chokkareddy.

Desidime, leading e-commerce, and coupons site, shall be using the promotional tokens blend developed by Hunter Games for Dimes and Gold Dimes to enhance their customer experience and increase engagement.

“With our comprehensive play on e-commerce and affiliate networks, we have been deeply committed to engagements and the token interplay with gaming which has always been popular with our community. We are enthusiastic to use the promotional token wallet blend to develop a deeper relationship with our community,” said Desi Dime CEO and co-founder Mehul Jobanputra,

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