How esports differs from traditional sports betting?

Many people compare eSports players to world-class athletes. What about bettors? How eSports differs from traditional sports betting?

The industry of eSports has gone a long way since it first appeared a couple of decades ago. Back in the day, internet sports was just a pastime for a small group of gaming enthusiasts. Today, hundreds of millions of people take part in eSports events every year. Alongside this, eSports betting has exponentially grown. Bettors quickly accepted this trend as they’re now more familiar with the gaming industry more than ever. As a result, sportsbooks have decided to establish a betting market for eSports events. Consequently, the question arises as many betting enthusiasts are wondering if eSports differs from traditional sports betting? In the lines that follow, we’ll dive deeper into both the conventional and eSports betting market. 

Esports journey: From college dorm to betting markets

Our first encounter with competitive video gaming was in late 1971. The University of Stanford was home to the first Spacewar battleground. That was the first time that a massive number of people had shown interest in a computer game. Moving forward to the present day, eSports is one of the fastest-growing industries globally.

The rise of electronic sports like NFL, NBA 2K, FIFA, CS: GO, DOTA, LOL, and many others, attracts video game lovers from all over the world and fills the arenas. There are countless debates whether eSports can be put to the same level as a professional sport we have all known for decades. Still, the fact that many sportsbooks have opened their doors to the eSports markets can provide an answer to those wondering if eSports differs from traditional sports betting. 

The main difference in esports and traditional sports betting 

Now, let’s put aside the debate whether eSports players could be considered equal to professional athletes. We’ll approach this subject from a bettor’s perspective. Therefore, we’ll review all the aspects that influence electronic and traditional sports betting. 

A look at history

While trying to predict the outcome of every sports event, certain things affect our opinion, which we can’t control. Traditional sport has a long history. In some parts of the world, sport is part of the culture. 

We are looking at at least a century-long history of events. Consequently, we all know about Real Madrid, L.A. Lakers, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, etc. Therefore, history has taught us, and we all agree history is life’s teacher, that the best ones tend to climb up, despite all the adversities. In short, history affects bettors’ judgment, but at the same time is a valuable resource that helps sportsbook fans to make a decision. 

On the other side of the coin, eSports events aren’t with us for so long. Therefore, the lack of material for deeper analysis makes it difficult for bettors to predict the outcome based on previous events. 

Weather conditions as an important factor

One of the things that go in eSports bettor favor lies in the natural circumstances in which the action occurs. So, every time someone asks you how eSports differs from traditional sports betting, just point out to the sky. 

Jokes aside, experienced sports bettors are fully aware of how weather conditions and geography (to some extent) can affect their bet results. We are witnesses of countless traditional sports events that have been rearranged because of the bad weather conditions. Even if that’s not the case, these aggravating circumstances can significantly affect the events’ development. 

On the other hand, the worst thing that can happen and annul your eSports bet is the power failure, which is less likely to occur.

The injury factor

The most evident aspect where you can genuinely notice how eSports differs from traditional sports betting is physical. Namely, in traditional sports, injuries are something no one can predict or affect, yet they strongly influence the result. Injuries are, unfortunately, frequent in traditional sport. As such, they have a strong influence on bettors’ strategies. 

On the flip side, spontaneous and unexpected injuries aren’t that common among eSports players. Although, due to evident circumstances, eSports athletes can feel long term consequences due to long hours of game practise. Having this in mind, we can conclude that it is easier to predict the outcome of eSports events, looking from this point of view.

Traditional vs. esports: Types of bets

Bookmakers and sportsbooks have recognized peoples’ affection towards betting. For some, this is just a pastime, while it’s a way of life for others. Nevertheless, there are countless options for both traditional and eSports betting enthusiasts. 

Traditional sports betting

The traditional sports betting market recognizes thousands of different betting features. Therefore, you can place a wager to predict the winner, loser, a draw, first score, goal, corner, fastest lap, etc. There are numerous opportunities to showcase your skills. 

Esports betting

The esports market is somewhat different. Naturally, the circumstances and the physiology of the game are different also. Therefore, while betting on eSports, you can choose between various options such as:

  • Group of Winner
  • Group Winner
  • Outright Winner
  • Region Winner
  • First Blood
  • Knife Round
  • Knife Round/ Pistol Round
  • Map Winner and many, many others. 

However, there’s one main thing where eSports differs from traditional sports betting. By looking at the games’ mechanics, we can conclude that electronic sport is more dynamic than traditional. In other words, eSports games can last between 15 – 60 minutes, which is not the case with their traditional counterparts, where the game can take up to 3 or even 4 hours. As a result, bettors have plenty of options to make a couple of speedy bets without the need to sign up to the platform every now and then regularly. 

Traditional and esports betting platforms

The best way to find out how eSports differs from traditional sports betting is actually to try it out. In the following lines, we’ve selected three platforms, which, based on our research, represent the best betting options for newcomers and experienced bettors. Naturally, our idea is to help you out in your pursuit of the perfect betting environment. Still, don’t take our word for granted. We always recommend you to do your research and choose the one that suits you the best. Anyway, here’s our recommended list. 


This venue offers a great selection of betting markets. Moreover, on this platform, you can bet on live Twitch streamers and more. 


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This betting operator stands out with a wide selection of betting options and a wide range of deposit/ withdrawal options. What’s more, GGbet holds the Malta Gaming Authority license, which makes it reasonably safe for all bettors. 

Final thoughts

Does eSports differs from traditional sports betting? Yes, to some extent. The mechanism of both betting markets stays the same. The idea is to enable bettors to try to predict the outcome of different gameplay events. However, the main difference lies in a few factors that affect the outcome, such as weather, physical aspects, and history. Nevertheless, both eSports and traditional betting markets are enormous enough to accept all betting enthusiasts. In the end, it’s up to players to try and decide what they like best at a given moment.