Here are the glimpses of ‘Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 Day of Reckoning’

Activision has finally launched the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 Day of Reckoning. The new season of the game is packed with new unlockable weapons, two classic multiplayer maps, a Battle Royale vehicle and many other exciting features.

“Welcome to Day of Reckoning, the second Season for Call of Duty: Mobile. Season 2 brings an abundance of new content, including two classic Multiplayer maps, new unlockable weapons, 3v3 Snipers Only Gunfight, a new Battle Royale vehicle and Scorestreak, and all-new earnable rewards and Battle Pass content,” the Call of Duty Mobile game developers wrote in a blog post on the launch of the game.

Season 2, titled Day of Reckoning, will add two new game modes to COD Mobile, one of which is Tank Battle – arriving on 19 March. Activision made it clear that it’s “unlike anything [they’ve] had before in the game.” This includes two new weapons, namely the AS VAL marksman rifle and the SP-R 208 marksman rifle. It should be noted that the AS VAL is already available for all players upon reaching Tier  21 of the free Battle Pass. The SP-R 208 will release sometime later, probably via a Seasonal Challenge. The game already has received the new Shoot House map, and should get the modern version of the Shipment later. As if this wasn’t enough, players can also earn the new Napalm score streak by reaching Tier 14 of the free Battle Pass.

The season includes Modern Warfare’s Charly who makes an appearance as a default character option for players and it is one of the most exciting features. Charly joins other female operators in the game, such as Outrider, Vivian Harris and more. Fans everywhere can get Charly for free at the launch and honestly while playing, a bunch of people are in the same avatar.

Day of Reckoning features a new Battle Pass which features 50 tiers of free and premium content including new characters, weapons, Blueprints, charms, and more.You can unlock characters like Mara Awakening at tier 50, Brute at tier 30, Alex at tier 12 on the premium battle pass. With the battle pass you get one new weapon and one new scorestreak unlocked for free in the Season 2 Battle Pass. The AS Val, unlocked at Tier 21, is a brand-new and unique fully-auto assault rifle. At Tier 14, you can also grab the new Napalm scorestreak for Multiplayer. Other free items include the Razorback and M21 EBR – Phantom Limb, Combat Axe – Gas Cloud, a whole series of camos for BR, weapons, and more. You can see in the video below what you can get.

With the new season, new map Shoot House 24X7 is introduced. Shoot House is a fast-paced, three-lane map designed for frenetic engagements within a military training course. One can either snipe down long sight lines or cut across the lanes seeking close-quarters combat. Whatever the playstyle, it is important to understand Mobile Map Snapshot: Shoot House  properly because it can get tricky sometimes.The map is now available to play random games from core game modes. I personally find the map is bit easy and here is quick gameplay of the same:


Shipment (2019) introduces the latest iteration of the fan-favourite map, and it just becomes as chaotic as expected .

Season 2 introduces the Napalm Scorestreak where the player is designated a target path for air support to carpet bomb, leaving a trail of damaging fire in its wake.  A new Gunfight variant is another attraction of the season where two teams of three will battle it out to see who can first win six rounds using only sniper rifles. It is a bit tricky as the enemy will hide and shoot; you need to either find the right corner to hide and attack or strategize with the teammates to launch an attack.

Later this Season, the maker will launch the Pursuit event which grants players a command over their own Special Ops soldier. Send them out on operations to gather the loot to hand over on their return.

The graphics on the new map and the backdrop looks good and so does the sound. The COD MOBILE Season 2 Days of Reckoning is going to be a lot of fun with fresh new additions.