Here are the glimpses from ‘Call of Duty: Mobile, The Hunt’ edition in-game comics  

The Hunt, season 10 of Call of Duty: Mobile has brought a cluster of surprises for Call of Duty: Mobile fans. This season has launched map Terminal to the upcoming map Pine to in-game comics and more. The in-game comics voices the story of the popular characters of this season, Makarov – Splinter, Outrider – Amazonas, Mara – Valkyrie, Mace Tombstone.

The in-game comics have been divided into 10 parts four of which are already published and six are lined up for 24 September, 27 September, 28 September, 4 October,8 October, and 11 October respectively.

The comic book starts where the Ghost says Makarov is yet to reach the destination however he knows where the nova 6 is stored and he also informs the troops to be aware as Mace and his troops are thirty minutes away, on the other hand, Mara and her team are planning to attack and through the Jungle way she figures out where Makarov is and tries to shoot him but loses.

So far the story revolves around how Mara and her teammates launch an attack at the base with the help of the drone. Here is a quick glimpse of The Hunt comics which I have captured:

Overall the storyline is quite interesting as it adds an extra element of suspense and mission to the game. Starting from season 6, makers of Call of Duty: Mobile have realised that even soldiers like reading comics while fighting on multiplayer or BR modes.

Over time, the in-game content is proving to be an engaging factor for more and more players and it also increases the retention value. When you keep on playing for long hours and need a break, a quick read of a chapter from the comics section become a great source of novelty and continuity in the game universe.

More details on the comics will be revealed soon. Only time will tell when the story will hit the climax and end, till then ‘form up on me’ soldier.