Gravity Neocyon opens pre-orders for ‘Action RO2: Spear of Odin’

Gravity Neocyon, a subsidiary of Gravity, has opened pre-orders for its new game, Action RO2: Spear of Odin for the Southeast Asian region on 8 December.

Action RO2: Spear of Odin is developed and serviced by Gravity Neocyon. An action RPG using the Ragnarok IP, Action RO2: Spear of Odin players will adventure and collect various game items and cards to develop unique strategies and styles. Action RO2: Spear of Odin will captivate its players with fascinating action scenes and visuals.

The game will support Indonesian and English languages in five regions: Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

The Ragnarok IP is highly recognized and preferred in these regions. Action RO2: Spear of Odin will be the first game of its genre that the Ragnarok IP is applied for these regions. Gravity Neocyon plans to target local users based on the differentiation points of this new game. The game is scheduled for release within the year.

Action RO2: Spear of Odin has been meticulously prepared as it is the first game to be globally launched since we changed our name from Neocyon to Gravity Neocyon. It will provide differentiated fun from that of other games that the Ragnarok IP is applied. Users will be able to enjoy creating the equipment and game cards, and more. and also playing with friends through the raid system,” said a Gravity Neocyon insider.

Several events are opened to celebrate the launch of the pre-orders. The events include a prize of a latest-model automobile worth $15,100 to one of the pre-ordering users; as well as awarding game items according to the number of pre-orders received and “likes” clicked on the game’s official Facebook page.

Established in 2000 Neocyon changed its name to Gravity Neocyon on 2 December 2020, to maximise synergy with its parent company, Gravity, and improve business efficiency and competitive power.