Godzilla and Kong make an entry to warzone of Activision’s ‘Call of Duty’

The gamers are going to experience a wild crossover in Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone as the giant monsters Godzilla and Kong will appear in the game. This new limited time will be available from 11 May till 25 May.

As per a blog post by Activision’s James Mattone, the new mode will be called Operation Monarch in which the teams will compete, the last one standing while the Godzilla and Kong roam the island wins. The blog post also mentions that monsters don’t usually get aggressive but at certain points they might become reckless and enraged attacking the player in Titan Frenzy. 

The player has two options after getting the Titan Frenzy alert, one is to tactically withdraw (run away) and other is to attempt to defeat the creatures by dealing direct damage. A user will get a Killstreak ability that will let you use the powers from Godzilla and Kong if the player is able to do enough damage during Titan Frenzy or by earning enough Monarch Intel. 

Apart from the Operation Monarch mode, Activision is also introducing in-game themed items based on Godzilla and Kong.