‘GO HEROES: Prometheus’ is coming to Kickstarter on 29 June

Happyland Games has announced that their game GO HEROES: Prometheus is coming to Kickstarter on 29 June 2021.

GO HEROES: Prometheus is a cross-genre game, a casual action-adventure mixed with a new type of action-turn-based combat and puzzle solving on a grid terrain. Narrating a classic myth of Greek mythology, brought to you by a Greek team. 

Unravel the myth of Titan Prometheus. Discover a rich and ever-changing world in a challenging cross-genre adventure. Allow yourself to immerse in the fast-paced tactical combat and environmental puzzles through your mission to steal the Fire of the Gods.

Embark now to the creation of a legendary series and support a two people talented team from Greece that fought keyboard and sword to create an epic adventure. Share the adventure and become a part of an epic journey on Kickstarter. 

Travel through beautiful tight grid-based levels in a four-directional movement, always move first in a turn-based logic. Yet,  enemies will respond instantly to every attack, with one goal, to encircle players into tight, challenging spots, rearranging the battlefield like a rhythmic choreography! Fear not, though! Powerful creatures will assist you generously throughout your quest! 

A four-slot inventory is at your disposal to keep and swiftly swap armor and utilise abilities, allowing you to focus on the action.

The open demo gives players a glimpse into this hand-crafted world as they explore a myth that waits to be discovered. It comes with full voice-over and dyslexia fonts!