VFX Gamezy Rummy partners with Pro Kabaddi League’s Puneri Paltan as their official skill partner -

Gamezy Rummy partners with Pro Kabaddi League’s Puneri Paltan as their official skill partner

Gamezy Rummy, from the house of Gameskraft, recently announced its partnership with Pro Kabaddi League’s Pune team, Puneri Paltan, as their official ‘Skill Partner’.

The alliance aims to build on the many synergies between the two partners given the shared interests and sensibilities of their respective audiences. Both games have deeply entrenched Indian roots, which enables Gamezy Rummy and Puneri Paltan to appeal and cater to localised preferences. Furthermore, it is notable that both games require the players to apply skill and strategy in varying degrees, and the partnership enables Gamezy Rummy and Puneri Paltan to build a bridge upon this foundation between their respective followers. 

In addition to also being one of the jersey sponsors for the team, both Gamezy Rummy and Puneri Paltan, are collaboratively driving further marketing initiatives across different platforms including online, digital, offline media and in-stadium branding. The association was recently celebrated with the launch of two brand films: ‘Chaal Mat Badlo, #AppBadlo’ and ‘Partner Mat Badlo, #AppBadlo’.

Gamezy Rummy is also integrating Puneri Paltan into its platform via a host of other activities. Free hourly tournaments are renamed with Kabaddi terms such as Super Raid, Super Tackle, under a common tournament known as the ‘Paltan Series’. Alongside this, Gamezy Rummy is introducing a new ‘Matchday Add Cash Offer’ on every Puneri Paltan match-day.

Lastly, the team has also announced ‘The Great Rummy Challenge’ which will be integrated with Puneri Paltan. A Daily Login Challenge program, this is a five-day login challenge, where users are rewarded every time they complete certain challenges on the Gamezy app.

Commenting on the partnership, Gamezy senior VP marketing Harish Rawat said, “Rummy and Kabaddi, both share great sentimental similarities for Indian audiences as two of the most beloved home-grown sports in the country. Kabaddi as a sport, is not only a showcase of the strategic use of strength, but also a display of great skill and sharp acumen, much like Rummy. We are very excited to kickstart this partnership with Puneri Paltan as their official ‘Skill Partner’.