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Multiplayer mode in ‘FAUG’ is launching soon: nCore games

FAUG, aka Fearless and United-Guards, was launched earlier this year in India. The game is currently available on Android for users in India. The developers of the game, nCore games, have also confirmed that the game will launch soon on the iOS platform to users in India and around the world. 

They have also announced that they will be coming up with the multiplayer mode. It will have two teams fighting against each other to win the round. Each team will comprise five players. It is also expected that the game will introduce new weapons and ammunition for an improved gaming experience.

The Team Deathmatch mode already exists in the game but is not accessible. Once launched, it will be an addition to the hand-to-hand combat Campaign mode that is although simple to play but quite boring. Click here to check our FAUG Review. The new update could finally introduce new guns and weapons as well.

Team Deathmatch mode is quite popular in PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. However, the former battle royale has been banned in India due to data security concerns. Only time will tell if FAUG is able to attract more players to play the Team Deathmatch mode.

The exact release date of the Team Deathmatch mode is currently unknown. We will share more details about the update as soon as more information is available.