Fantasy Akhada witnessed a surge of 150 per cent in the number of users during IPL 2020

Fantasy Akhada announced that it has witnessed over 150 per cent surge in user concurrency recently at the end of a successful IPL 2020.

As the IPL frenzy took over the entire country, fans and sports enthusiasts stayed glued to their television sets. However, it wasn’t just the tournament which had everybody hooked; a majority of the viewers were even fixated on their smartphones as they took part and played on several fantasy gaming platforms like Fantasy Akhada.

Fantasy Akhada founder Amit Purohit, shares his views on the spike in userbase and said, “The commencement of IPL 2020 successfully revived the fantasy gaming segment in India completely. Our platform has been gaining traction of gamers and sports enthusiasts ever since the launch. We have seen a massive surge in all our key metrics during IPL 2020 and have grown our user base by 150 per cent. Our active user base who play cash contests on our platform has also gone up by 3x. Additionally, the number of deposit transactions in a day grew by 103 per cent on our platform over the last two months, which saw a huge jump in our top line. I am sure other platforms in the industry must be witnessing great growth numbers during this IPL season. The only difference that I realised this year was that people played from the comfort of their homes and couldn’t cheer for their favourite players in the cricket stadiums. Everything else, right from remaining fixed to television sets to punching into mobile phones to participate in fantasy gaming platforms, remained the same.

To make the IPL experience bigger and better for Fantasy Sports Players and Youtubers/Telegram Channel Owners, Fantasy Akhada had also announced cash prizes in Lakhs and a priceless meet and greet opportunity with Harsha Bhogle for the best performing players/tips channel owners.  Narendra Chouhan, Prasad Vaity and Ankit Choudhary emerged as the winners for the Tournament Leaderboard while Rakshit Chopra, owner of Fantasy Scout 11, emerged as the winner of the Best Pehelwaan Award during IPL 2020.

Voice of Indian Cricket, the legendary Harsha Bhogle, was also onboarded by Fantasy Akhada in September, a development that the brand leveraged for creating buzz prior to the beginning of IPL season. This further helped them in securing good traction in the run-up to the IPL with a 10 per cent daily increase in the userbase. Along with being an investor in the brand, Harsha Bhogle will also continue to be its ambassador for the next two years. With this move, he cements his confidence and commitment towards the brand.