Exclusive: Velocity Gaming beats Noble Esports with 2:0 at the finals of Skyesports Championship 2.0 ‘Valorant’ Phase-1

Velocity Gaming is the champion of Skyesports Championship 2.0 Valorant  Phase-1, and they have literally squashed the team Noble Esports on ground. They defeated Team Noble Esports 2-0 in the finals and became the phase 1 champion.

In the first round, Bind map was selected by the teams and Velocity Gaming dominated Noble Esports with 13:3. There are a lot of things that went wrong with Noble Esports, especially with the corners and the line up of the shots, according to the casters with the end score being 1:0.

For the second round, Ascent map was selected by Noble Esports as it is their forte according to casters because Noble Esports has beaten team Orange Rock on the same map. Beginning of the second round Noble Esports came back by winning the first four consecutive matches of the second round with 4:0. Later Velocity Gaming started scaling up their game and won four consecutive matches giving neck to neck fight to Noble Esports till 6:6 was at the scoreboard. Eventually, Velocity’s man slaughtering mode scaled up and they acquired their leading position with final score 13:7 at the leaderboard. Since the tournament was based on best of three therefore Velocity Gaming won over Noble Esports with 2:0.

Regarding the hard start for Velocity Gaming, MVP of the match Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose with 116 kill shared, “We have to work on pistol round and that is the reason why we were initially behind in the second round.” He also shared that they are looking forward to representing the country to not just participate but to win; therefore in the coming months they are taking off from leagues to hone their skills and strategize for their matches.

With the end of phase 1 its time for phase 2 and here is how the concept and the phase 2 bracket looks like.