Exclusive: GameEon to host ‘CS:GO’ and ‘Valorant’ tournaments with the launch of GameEon esports

Game development company, GameEon, will venture into the esports world with GameEon esports from 20 March. They will be hosting esports tournaments for games like CS:GO and Valorant.

In conversation with AnimationXpress GameEon’s founder Nikhil Malankar shared that this is the first time they are hosting an esports tournament. He added, “We have seen that the esports trend is catching up in the west as well with the prize pool worth millions of dollars. Because of that we have figured out that it is an esteemed opportunity, therefore we  have aimed to host the tournament and simply build a community of gamers, we want to reach out to the target audience and gain an experience that promotes gaming in India.”

The total prize pool of the tournament is Rs 3.5 lakhs and the amount will be equally divided for two games Rs 1.75 lakhs respectively for both the games where Rs 1.25 lakhs will be paid as cash and goodies worth Rs 50k.

Currently, for the sponsors, they have partnered with Noctua. Apart from that they are also partnering with a few more brands for the tournament and can’t disclose their names since it is in the process. Aficionados could catch the live stream of the tournament on GameEon’s official new channel – GameEon esports.

The tournament will have 5V5 teams, players have to participate in teams of five and the industry guidelines of the tournament will be followed by the rules. Anyone with a team of five can register on their official website for free. Initially, they will start with CS: GO tournament line-up from 20 March followed by the finals of the same which is approximately set for 15 or 16 April and later on they will be announcing the date for the Valorant tournament and will commence the line-up for it.

Apart from GameEon esports, Malankar added, “We have a couple of projects in pipeline; one is the Ultimate Quest which is our most ambitious project for the mobile platform, we are also working on a cricket game internally for the last four months which will probably launch at the end of this month itself. Apart from that we are working an assortment of mobile games as well.”

Their game Mumbai Gullies is in the pipeline and they are going to announce some heavy information about it pretty soon in the coming three months.The game is currently in production and it will launch in 2024. As per Malankar, the quality of the game will be equal to the quality of the trailer which has already been launched.

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