Esports organisation from Kerala to host Vishu special ‘Clash of clans’ Vedikettu

AKEF, after the success of the Valorant Meta League 2020, is arraying yet again for a massive event. The organisation, operating under the Kerala gaming community, has announced its next event, “Clash of Clans Vedikettu”, termed as a Vishu Festive Special. The all-India event consists of 64 teams competing for a price pool of Rs 50,000 will be presented by and streamed in Loco platform. Beyond the prize pool, the event provides a platform for all the underrated Clash of Clans gamers in the country to showcase their talent and potential. The event commences from 18April 2021 to 2 May 2021, and teams can take part with zero registration fees. The event will be streamed live in Malayalam, and the fans can watch it exclusively on Loco.

” The esports industry in India is growing faster day by day, and tournaments like these play a pivotal role in that. To the core, Clash of Clans gamers are an integral part of the esports ecosystem for quite a while now. And it will always be our privilege to grant an opportunity for them to compete and push their boundaries with improved gaming strategies. Amal also shared his views regarding the covid pandemic and future insights of the org -Even at these times of uncertainty and crisis: the esports industry stood firm. It remained as a ray of hope all the time, reminding us about the prospering future ahead. And that’s what we are looking forward to as an esports organization and a gaming enthusiast. We all need to rise and move on. Like what Vishu refers to, a new start; throwing away the negatives and putting the positives ahead,” said AKEF president Amal Arjun.

AKEF is one of the pioneers in the gaming industry. With events like Kerala War League (KWL), Kerala PUBG League (KPL), Kerala Valorant Championship, Rainbow Six- Zero Hour, FIFA, and Clash of Clans Mobile, they have already attracted and enlightened the underrated gamers in Kerala. The charity streaming conducted by the 79 registered streamers every month has already gained the limelight. AKEF is currently one of the leading organisations and the largest esports community with a massive viewership above five lakhs.