8bitesports owner and S8UL content creator Mrinmoy Lahakar raises nearly Rs 6 lakhs as relief fund for his flood affected homeland, Assam

When the war is between nature and humankind, nature always wins. Since the pandemic, the Indian gaming esports community has always put their best foot forward in helping people affected with Covid19 and they have always stood by to fight for any social cause. It is a trying time for Assam as nearly 200 people have lost their lives in the flood and 2.29 lakh people remain affected due to floods in four districts. To help the people of Assam, 8bitesports owner and S8UL content creator Mrinmoy Lahkar raised nearly Rs 5,73,000 as a relief fund for flood affected people in Assam.

Assam boy,  Lahakar hosted a charity stream titled, Assam Charity Stream on his YouTube channel for six long hours by playing BGMI, Among Us, Valorant non stop. The live stream garnered over 2,48,000 views.


In conversation with AnimationXpress, Lahakar shared his joy of being able to raise money for his hometown. He shared, “Firstly, I am thankful to everyone who came forward and donated for the cause. It wouldn’t have been possible without your selfless contribution and support. There are so many people who have trusted me and supported the cause without hesitation. I feel content and responsible. This has given me the confidence that no matter how tough the situations are, we have got each other’s back.”


Esports athletes and gaming influencers have always put their best foot forward when it comes to fundraising be it for covid or any cause. And he truly believes that “spreading generosity with a helpful mind is what every S8UL creator believes in. As Goldy (Lokesh Jain) Bhai has always said ‘Niyat’, tells a lot about the person. We as a community just want everyone to be supportive and generous towards anyone in need, no matter the situation. After all, to be good, and to do good, is all we have to do. To our supporters- Thank you for your most generous, continued, and vital support. We can’t do it without you, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to be a helping hand.”


He shared that he is proud of his homeland, Assam. The state is known for its attractions and age-old culture and large number of tribes and is proud of its diversified culture. Speaking about Assam’s culture, Lahakaar shared, “Each tribe brings with it, its own tradition, culture and food. We all know about the festival of Bihu, but many of us don’t know that Bihu is observed in three types – ‘Rongali’ or ‘Bohag Bihu’ which is observed in the month of April, ‘Kongali’ or ‘Kati Bihu’ observed in October, and ‘Bhogali’ or ‘Magh Bihu’ observed in January.  Well, soon everyone is going to see S8LU doing the Bihu dance, I’ve already planned for.”


There are so many social causes which require attention. Lahakar shared that he strongly believes in the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’. He added, “One can take any avatar for the viewers on screen, but we all are humans first. Being empathetic and generous to anyone in need and standing with them during tough times is the right way to do it. We are a close-knit community, and as a community, we are liable to take every possible step to give back to the society we are part of.”


He aims to  continue to stand by such causes for people till the time he is capable of, without any hesitation. Standing for your people was and will never be a matter of question for him. He added, “This is something you don’t choose; it is something you can’t neglect. Being a helping hand for someone in need always gives a strong sense of accomplishment.”


Slowly and steadily, he is hopeful that the situation will become better. Lastly he said, “Coming together in these tough times and helping each other in every way possible would be our step towards a better tomorrow.”

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