VFX Capcom collaborates with Ubitus, bringing 'Resident Evil Village' to Nintendo Switch -

Capcom collaborates with Ubitus, bringing ‘Resident Evil Village’ to Nintendo Switch

Ubitus K.K., a cloud gaming provider, is partnering with Capcom to release Resident Evil Village in cloud version on Nintendo Switch platform – official release on 28 October; revealed pre-order date on 13 September. Worldwide Nintendo Switch players will be able to experience this classic horror games in cloud with gyro controls and feel the excitement with the vibration controller.

Naturally first-person perspective with gyro controls

Ubitus GameCloud technology has been helping top-tier game company to onboard their marvelous title to Nintendo Switch platform. To relieve the long await hassle from downloads, Capcom works with Ubitus to provide the most efficient gameplay without compromising the quality. Players could still browse the authentic design which draw them into the detailed world while playing Resident Evil Village in cloud. Furthermore, experience direct combat, shooting and smash interaction with gyro and vibration controllers to get the real feel from visual and motions.

“Ubitus is very honored to work as part of the team to release Resident Evil Village in cloud version, which evidenced our strong and trusted partnership with Capcom. I could never forget receiving lots of positive feedbacks from gamers when Resident Evil 7 released cloud version on Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2018. We look forward to continue working with Capcom to bringing their great series of titles to cloud for worldwide fans,” said Ubitus CEO Wesley Kuo.