VFX Chemin esports signs Lokmanyu Chaturvedi for 'FIFA 23' -

Chemin esports signs Lokmanyu Chaturvedi for ‘FIFA 23’

With the new season of FIFA esports beginning with FIFA 23, Chemin Esports has roped in reputed and talented player Lokmanyu Chaturvedi with an aim to strengthen their FIFA 23 Roster.

Lokmanyu is one of the talented and best known players who have been making strides in the Indian eFIFA community for quite some time. He is not only a skilled gamer but is equally adept at commentating and casting.

Lokmanyu, who started playing eFIFA in 2018, has played the games at the international level and has also represented India in the FIFA eNations Series 2021 and 2022 as part of the first official Indian eNational squad. He also represented Kerala Blasters FC in the first-ever eISL.

Recently, Chemin Esports also partnered with Influence Rage- an esports organisation in mobile gaming with dozens of content creators, players and staff from all over Brazil and South America. Now, together, they have formed ‘Influence Chemin Esports’, a venture that will enable Chemin to expand its operations in Brazil and other western countries and attract global audience.

To make it bigger this year again, Chemin has decided to add esports athletes to their FIFA 23 roster and roped in Lokmanyu to leverage his talent and capabilities. Lokmanyu won the tournament held at Indian Mobile Congress 2022 in New Delhi, as soon as he was signed with Chemin Esports.

Chemin esports founder and CEO Ishan Verma explained the reason behind roping in Lokmanyu and  said, “Football is one of the most popular and widely followed sports in the world. FIFA as a game too is equally popular across the globe. FIFA esports can be the next big thing in India and a driving force for the Indian Esports market with a good support from the Indian government. Signing a reputed and talented esports athlete like Lokmanyu Chaturvedi is our first step towards FIFA esports in India.”

“Lokmanyu is incredibly talented and experienced. With the addition of Lokmanyu, Chemin has now expanded into five different esports rosters in India apart from three rosters in Brazil. We are very excited with this association and looking forward to the competition,” Verma added.

Lokmanyu, on his part, said, “It all started with a dream to become a professional footballer. After playing the sport at a national level, I realized that I was capable enough to hone my skills on the virtual pitch and take on a new challenge. That shift from playing physically to finding my passion in the virtual world of football came so naturally to me. After five years of competing and proving my worth in  the FIFA esports scene in India, I’ve earned an opportunity at one of the leading esports organisations in India – Chemin Esports. I aim to bring glory to the Chemin family and myself in the coming season.”