Capital Group’s gaming division Esportz announces yearly and bi-yearly series for the Indian esports community

Esportz, announces two major tournaments for the Indian Gaming community. The Esportz Invitational Series, which will be a bi-yearly series, and Good Game Series, a yearlong exciting series of competitive online qualifiers and offline LAN Fest. These two major tournaments are designed around with a vision of engaging with Indian esports community, bringing together gamers from all walks of gaming and esports ecosystem.

Commenting on the development, Gig Work Private Limited (A Capital Group Company for Gaming Ventures) national head Mohammed Reza says,“We are very excited to announce our plans that we have crafted for the Indian Gaming Community with a goal to deliver unique and innovative experience for gamers, endemic and non-endemic brands. The Good Game Series will be a massive tournament which will happen both online and on LAN. Attendees will for sure have an immersive experience wherein they will get to explore every bit of gaming and more!”

Esportz Invitational Series – The Esportz Invitational Series is a bi-yearly tournament which means it will happen every six month. This tournament will purely be an invitational tournament which means top teams, players from various esports titles will compete for the championship title and for a major chunk of the prize pool. With this release, Esportz announces Esportz Invitational Free Fire Series which is aimed at engaging the Free Fire community in India and generating quality content while collaborating with top tier talents. Esportz will be inviting the most coveted influencers, top teams from the Free Fire community to be a part of this mega-series. This series is set to take place between 23 November to 29 November, 2020.

Good Game Series – Good Game Series is a flagship esports tournament of Esportz aimed at creating an innovative experience to the community, gamers and brands alike. Yearlong there will be tournaments for various gaming titles, all the action will be live-streamed on their platforms followed by a massive two-days of LAN event. Good Game series will incorporate three competitive platforms – mobile, PC, console and will have a total of six competitive game titles in place. The Good Game LAN Fest is a festival crafted specifically for gamers, endemic and non-endemic brands. Attendees can expect a kick-ass experience and will thoroughly enjoy the competitive spirit of gamers, hip-hop music, and witness favourite in-game characters coming to life – cosplay competition and much more!