Can you become a game developer without a degree?

Video games are always awesome and anyone would be interested in creating cool stuff like that. Being a game developer is considered an awesome career for people who have a thing for video games. A lot of famous software developers out there today, started from nothing to something. This means that a lot of people have no degree but they gradually learned the way to be successful.

It’s true that it’s getting mandatory for people to have a degree when they aspire for a job in a better position. However, that doesn’t mean that people without a degree don’t have a chance of getting a better job. Most reputable gaming companies in Denmark consider the experience and advanced skill set of a game developer more than a degree.

Are you still wondering what jobs in gaming are with a degree? There’re tons of jobs in the gambling industry that offer interesting working positions to game developers without experience. Nowadays, with a proper portfolio,  you will be able to get a job in big game development companies in Denmark. 

You cannot only get a job in a game development company but also in gambling industries to develop online casino games for popular casino sites in Denmark that offer bonus uden indbetaling. For an idea on how to become a game developer without a degree, you need to continue reading.

Tips for Becoming a Developer without a Degree

  • Engage in Game Development Right Now

You can’t become an expert if you don’t learn and practice game development. As an aspiring game developer, you should learn to start making video games as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have previous coding or game development knowledge, you can gradually start learning right now. There are a lot of game development courses and tutorials around the internet to get started. According to Caroline Grogerssen, as an expert in guest post topics, with all of these courses, you will learn how to start game design at your comfort location. 

If possible try to take everything gradually, don’t engage in what you are unable to handle. Don’t try to take game development projects when you haven’t learned enough or you will end up screwing it up because you lack experience. Most people are indeed gifted with the ability to create something popular from their first project.

  • Understand How to Learn without Going to Fancy College 

Start teaching yourself about game development,  if you want to pursue a career without a degree. Trying to reach a stage where you can call yourself an expert. Make use of videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and facts from professionals to learn what you need to know about game development. Turn your brain to be able to accept any knowledge related to game development. Get a big journal to write out your thoughts and ideas on what inspires you as you learn. 

  • Create a Perfect Game Development Portfolio 

If you feel that you have reached a stage where you can take on projects, why not get started with the creation of a portfolio. That will allow you to have a unique work of your own to show companies and businesses. If you did everything right, it won’t be long before you will get a proper game development job from any of the gaming companies in Denmark.

And one thing you have to understand is that game developers are paid a huge amount of money because game development is not easy. So, learn how to create awareness of your service by ensuring that you’re confident in completing any project you take. And don’t ask yourself is game development worth it?  Because every moment of learning game development is worth something. 


Video games are always awesome and anyone would be interested in creating cool stuff like that. Being a game developer is considered an awesome career for people who have a thing for video games. With the above tips,  you will be able to learn game development without a degree.