Blerp sound emotes taking YouTube gaming streamers to the next level

Live streaming has boomed over the last year in the confines of the pandemic. Entertainers and creators have turned to platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming as new platforms to reach their fans. While massive concerts and events have taken place attracting millions of viewers, Derek Omori, co-founder of Blerp, says that “the innovations in livestreaming are just beginning to unfold, new interactive experiences will change the way we view entertainment at large.”

Blerp Sound Emotes has brought their hugely successful Twitch integration to Facebook and YouTube gaming.

Aaron Hsu said, “GIPHY really highlights how memes can connect with each other, but what’s interesting about just sharing a Sound Emote is that when it’s shared it’s focused on ENHANCING a moment… it doesn’t take away from the creator at all… the viewer feels like they were a part of that moment.”

Blerp just launched Streamer Sound Emotes and the reception for YouTube and Facebook streamers has been amazing. 

Katy Bentz, notable for her role as Steph Gingrich in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, is a hugely popular Twitch streamer who attributes a portion of her success to Blerp. “I would recommend Blerp a hundred times over to anybody… it’s really great when you can be a part of something and [represent] something you really believe in, and I really believe in Blerp.”

Although Blerp is currently focused on amplifying gaming and live streaming through audio experiences and sound sharing, their vision is to bring Blerp to a wider variety of platforms through integrations with voice assistants, voice chats, and more.