‘BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA’ teases the need for UAZ to climb hills of Erangel map

Since the announcement of the launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, Krafton has been teasing the fans with a bunch of announcements and reveals. Yesterday Krafton revealed that its preregistration has surpassed 20 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store in two weeks and this time Krafton launched a video reveal of the popular PUBG vehicle UAZ which helped the players to climb hills of the Erangel map.

Here is the video:

The 15 seconds video opens with a question “Do you remember?”. Following that we see the wheels rim, car hood, car center console with the sound of the engine starting and the words “Driving around the hills of Erangel” appearing indicating that PUBG Mobile’s original map Erangle will also be there. However, no glimpse of the map was revealed.

The video description says: “Keep your seatbelts fastened! The vehicle advantage is all you need for ruling the Battlegrounds! ❤️‍🔥 UAZ holds a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to drive around in the Battlegrounds! 🚙 Get your squad and Pre-Register now “

As per the official page, PUBG’s original map, Erangel is an 8×8 island whose terrain ranges from open grasslands to tall mountains, with cities and towns mixed in-between. Two bridges connect the larger portion of the island to Erangel’s Military Base, making for a dangerous route to and from the small island. And the UAZ is a reliable four wheel drive vehicle boasting excellent off-road capability. With a top speed of 115 km/h on level roads, the UAZ is surprisingly stable when cornering at high speeds and unlikely to roll over unless driving with reckless abandon or when steering across very steep slopes. The engine is rather noisy however and can alert enemies, as the ignition sound alone can be heard up to 125 meters away. Fuel consumption when at full throttle is quite high, owing to its design being catered to military demands – fuel efficiency not being one of them.

Earlier Krafton’s official BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Twitter post teased the popular Sanhok map through a poster on its official Facebook page. The poster appears to be the Ban Tai map area location from Sanhok which is one of the 4×4 maps in-game.  So far it seems that both Erangel and Sanhok maps are coming to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. We will be eagerly waiting for the next reveal from Krafton!