VFX 'BATLLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA' pre-registration is now live: Dynamo, Kronten and TSMentJONATHAN share their excitement -

‘BATLLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA’ pre-registration is now live: Dynamo, Kronten and TSMentJONATHAN share their excitement

Today marks the first day of pre-registration for BATLLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA India, and there will be specific rewards available for all the Indian fans who pre-register themselves. The rewards will automatically be available to claim when the game launches.

However, the game is currently available for Android users only. iOS users will have to wait for further notice, as no date has been revealed regarding the game’s availability on the Apple App Store.

Krafton has released a new trailer which is actually the continuation of the past teaser of PUBG Mobile India which is no longer available. In the current video, we can see Chetan Chandgude aka Kronten gaming, Jonathan Amaral aka TSMentJONATHAN and Adii Sawant aka Dynamo Gaming whiling away their time and being sad until Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi enters and says, “BATLLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is here”. On hearing this news, the players finally jump with excitement. In the video, it is also revealed that players will receive rewards like Recon Outfit, Recon Mask, Celebration Expert and 300AG.

Dynamo, who’s featured in the trailer launch of pre-registration, shared, “Finally the day for the launch of the most awaited game BATLLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is near. We are really excited as pre-registration for the game has started. New challenges, new content, new gamers, and new hope for the Indian gaming industry is awaiting. We will provide our audience with the best gaming experience with the upcoming game. We are all set for the amazing journey ahead. Waiting for budding creators to step in the world of gaming with BATLLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.”

Kronten shared, We have been waiting for this, for quite a long time, and we are too excited to get the experience of playing BATLLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA really soon. With the whole community looking forward to the exclusive version, our expectations are high. It is interesting that not only the gamers community but even people, in general, are curious about how big this will be in the world of esports. Also, this game will surely fuel the content creators community and we will surely witness more and new influencers coming out of this game. I sincerely hope, the virtual world created by Krafton with the new elements makes gaming more adventurous and fun.”

TSMentJONATHAN shared, “Finally, the wait is over and we have started the pre-registrations today and I am sure that the number of registrations will exceed all the expectations. The journey from becoming a gamer to an influencer has just begun and it will be exciting to see how new gamers will grab this opportunity. Content creators community and esports ecosystem will get the much-needed acceleration in their respective fields with this exclusive game by Krafton. We will also see many high prize pool tournaments coming after the launch of this game.”

With this announcement, the entire gaming fraternity is celebrating, right from fans to gamers to the esports industry. Infact,Trinity Gaming co-founder and CEO Abhishek Aggarwal shared, “The formation of a strong foundation of the Indian gaming industry has begun. After waiting for so long the countdown for pre-registrations finally comes to an end and a new countdown for the game launch begins. Team Trinity is already excited to witness the record-breaking number of pre-registrations, looking at the love and support of Indian gamers towards the game.”

While the official dates are yet to be revealed, the industry speculates that the game might launch on 17 June 2021.