Animantz Releases PC Game Rac and Ren Today on Desura

Animation and Gaming Company Animantz have today released Rac and Ren, an, Action and Educational, PC game on Desura, a community driven digital distribution service for gamers. This is Animantz’ first game created for PC users. Story line of this single player, paid game was initially written to be made into a 3D animated series, but due to funding issues, the studio have now decided to present the stories of Rac and Ren through a series of games. The game play of Rac which revolves around a 10 year old boy and Ren, a monkey, is targeted at kids between 7-12 years, revolves around the adventure filled journey of them in the midst of a thick Jungle; who go on for finding a key to open an old fort. Speaking to about the idea behind choosing this story line, Prabakar T, CEO of Animantz, says, “We were looking to create an adventurous game for kids and so we settled to show our story in a Jungle ambience.” The first two levels of this game are designed to be easy and educative. Fun along with challenges increase during the latter stages of the game when Rac and Ren face hurdles like crossing the self-destructing bridge, running through a maze and more  “It took almost a week’s time for us to freeze the levels of the game.” Adds more Budgeted at 6 Lac, this game was built using Unity 3d game engine and programming executed using JavaScript. The credit list of Rac and Ren gives us the information that it is Produced by Prabakar .T, Co-ordination done by Sudhakaran. J, Programming handled by Bharathi, Level Designing by Yesupatham, Modeling by Kasenthiran, Animated again by Kasenthiran / Daniel and Music taken care of Kevin Macleod. “The choice of using 3D came into picture because we wanted the elements in the Jungle to look lively, having a good amount of depth to it.” Optimizing the game and creating motor control for the character were the prime challenges faced by Animantz while creating the game. Post success of this game, the team will move on to release another game on these characters wherein they will be seen getting caught by a Demon in the fort and their struggle and adventure to escape from the Demon. At present, Animantz is working on Deadly Walkers and Chariot Wars in JV with Dysotek, Italy and Candella Software, UK. “Working on games like these has boosted our confidence to create something like Rac and Ren.” “The Indian Gaming Market has definitely grown over the years and we have immense talent within to make a great AAA game.” concludes, Prabakar T Click here to download the game