‘Histree’ Wins at 3rd Pune Film Fest 2013

‘Histree’- a 2D Animation short won the Animation Award at the 3rd Pune Film Fest 2013. This 2 mins 21 seconds social awareness short, directed by Mikil Puthran, targets the Indian society as a whole, focusing on the importance of conservation of nature. Talking to AnimationXpress.com on the key points that this short focuses on, Mikil Puthran, Director of ‘Histree’ and Stalwarts Entertainment, says “This short highlights the plight of the present environment scenario, the careless attitude of human beings towards nature and how urbanization results in the destruction of nature and its resources.” The title – ‘Histree’, by Hemal Upadhyay, Jr.Creative Head, Stalwarts Entertainment, strikes the chord, by giving out a clear idea of the basic concept of this short. “‘Histree’ represents the word ‘History’ and encourages people to meditate on their carelessness towards conservation of trees, due to which trees might just become a ‘past’ term”, adds Hemal Upadhyay. Click here to view the short Its storyline is about how a boy enjoys the freshness offered by the trees around and by the end of the short, once he reaches the museum gate, he experiences a sudden shock seeing the tall buildings in place of trees. Keen observation inspired the Stalwarts team to bring out two interesting location settings in this short.  The Lalbagh Botanical Garden of Bengaluru inspired the team to design the location of the tree museum and coming across the construction site around, was what helped the team to bring out the symbolizing scene of urbanization. The Color textures were used according to the different scenes of the short. To show a happy moment in the first half of this short, bright colors were used and the mild colors brings out a feel of destruction by the end of this short. The background music played throughout this short was composed by Pritam Kale of Parvi Studios .Wide Shot, Close up, Cutaway and Medium Closeup were the different camera angles used for this short. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro and .Adobe After Effects were the different software used for the making of this short.   A team of 7 animation artists worked on making this animation short creative and meaningful at the same time. The Concept and Screenplay by Dipti Sawant, Animation characters and Storyboard was designed by Anup Patil, Concept Development by Sachin Mishra and Animation by Narendra Medhe and Paresh Palkar.   connect@animationxpress.com