After a successful turn on Google Play, ‘Spiral Warrior’ will soon twirl onto iOS

Electronic Soul, a game developer and publisher based in Asia, has announced that its anime-themed spinning battle tops RPG, Spiral Warrior, is now available for pre-registration on the App Store and will launch on iOS soon.

Spiral Warrior gives players the power to customise the components of their Spirals, offering an unlimited number of combinations that significantly increase its battle value as they work to discover the optimal combination of the Battle Cap, Weight Ring, and Driver. Once players are content with how their Spiral looks on paper, it’s time to get it in the ring to see how it performs against other spinners.

Development studio Light x Shadow worked hard to give Spirals realistic movement trajectories that perform like the real-life toys they’re based upon. The combination of developing a combat collision and physics engine gives Spiral Warrior an unparalleled amount of realism. 

Spiral Warrior features rich gameplay modes including an epic 81-player Survival Mode, which pits 81 players online simultaneously to see who the last spiral warrior will be, Super Championship, which allows players to use their exclusive spinning tops to challenge other players from all over the world and earn huge rewards if they reach the top of the rankings, and Random Adventure, which takes players across numerous chapters to overcome unknown challenges using their wit and will. No matter the mode, players will be able to battle spirals using simple and intuitive controls in combat that take no longer than 30 seconds to complete. Take on all comers wherever you are! 

In addition to Spiral Warrior’s compelling gameplay and game modes, the title uses a high-quality anime art style for each Spiral’s avatar that adds character to each spinner. Spiral Warriors — like Beelzebub, Valkyrie, and Behemoth — have their own stats, unique abilities, and strengths and weaknesses, making it important to learn about each one before spinning them into battle. Battles are largely passive, but players can activate abilities once they become available that can turn the tide of any skirmish.   

Spiral Warrior launched on Android last year to great acclaim and has achieved a 4.5 Star rating (out of 29K+ reviews) on the Google Play store. iPhone and iPad users who pre-register for the game will be able to earn several in-game items, such as Gold, Gems, a Chronokey, or Lucky Draw tickets. The more pre-registrations the game receives, the better the prize for everyone!