10 game releases to look out for in March 2021

As the month of March is around the corner, here are our pick of game releases that will see the light of day in March 2021:

 Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 (2March): It is a racing, simulation game sports game. Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 features more fan-favorite trucks in brand new Monster Jam worlds!It has new multiplayer modes, and it includes 38 trucks to choose from and five new outdoor worlds! Drivers train at Camp Crushmore and compete in authentic stadiums to become the ultimate champion!Explore and uncover Monster Jam secrets. Players can Compete in 12 authentic stadiums and game modes inspired by the real-world shows!Players can perform their favorite stunts like Bicycles, stoppies, moonwalks, walk its, cyclones, pogos, power outs and back-flips.
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, Switch, Stadia

Sir Lovelot (3March): Sir Lovelot is an action game where players play the role of Sir Lovelot who is on a quest to find the love of his life. Players can join him in this wacky tight platformer, where impressing cheeky damsels is harder than a heart of stone! Sir Lovelot is determined to roam the four corners of Lululand, from castle to castle, to find the love of his life! Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, XBO, Switch

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition (5March ): SEGA and Two Point Studios have announced Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition for Nintendo Switch, a new, enhanced edition of the original game that’ll be available at retail.The new bundle includes the base game, four expansions, and two items packs, offering a total of 27 hospitals, 189 illnesses, and lots of items to place in your hospitals. Each of the included expansions bring new areas with region-specific illnesses and challenges.
Platforms: PS4, XBO, Switch

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (12 March): Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a platform game developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision. The game is the eighth main installment in the Crash Bandicoot series, a sequel to the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. It’s About Time places players in control of five playable characters as they traverse multiple levels, each filled with enemies, crates, Wumpa fruit and hazards, with the objective being to get from the start point to the goal as with the original trilogy. The game features two different game modes for players to engage in: Retro Mode, which focuses on the use of limited lives that require players to find additional ones during levels and forces them to restart a level should they run out; and Modern Mode, which replaces lives with a death counter that keeps track on each death in a level by its respective playable character. In addition, certain levels feature two separate variations, each of which features their own layout of hazards, enemies and objects – main story and “alternate timeline”.Main story levels focus on players controlling Crash and Coco, both of whom use identical movesets such as spinning and sliding, alongside new moves to the series such as wall running.

Platforms: PS5, XSX, Switch

Minute of Islands (18 March): Minute of Islands is an adventure game where player needs to explore strange and wonderful islands and dark labyrinths below in this narrative puzzle platformer. Guide young mechanic Mo on her quest to repair a world on the brink of collapse. The powerful Omni Switch at your disposal may not be enough to fix the damage that hides beneath the surfaces and unravel an emotional poetic story, narrated by actress Megan Gay.Explore a fantastic handcrafted world across multiple unique islands, meet curious characters and creatures, and uncover the archipelago’s secrets.

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, Switch

Overcooked! All You Can Eat (23 March): Overcooked, Overcooked 2 and every morsel of additional content released for both games are being blended together and remastered from the ground up in Overcooked! All You Can Eat. Overcooked! All You Can Eat will also include new accessibility options and assist mode, helping any budding master chef experience the heat of the kitchen.The assist mode will include options such as:The ability to slow the timeouts on recipes, increase the duration of rounds,the option to skip levels. The accessibility functions include:A scalable user interface, dyslexic-friendly text, Colour blindness options.

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, Switch

Balan Wonderworld (26 March ): Balan Wonderworld is an upcoming platform game developed by Balan Company and Arzest, and published by Square Enix.According to Polygon Balan Wonderworld as a 3D action platform game “with musical flair”. Balan Wonderworld follows two characters, Leo Craig and Emma Cole, as they follow the maestro Balan through the Wonderworld, a setting described as a mix of an imaginary world and reality. Over 80 different collectible costumes give different abilities to the player character.The player can keep up to three costumes on at a time, and when the player is hit with a costume on, they will lose the costume, and they will be required to restart the stage if they take damage with all costumes lost. They can switch out their costumes at checkpoints. The game will play out in a series of 12 stories.
Platforms: PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch

Evil Genius 2: World Domination (30 March ): Evil Genius 2: World Domination is an upcoming real-time strategy and simulation video game developed and published by Rebellion Developments. As the sequel to Evil Genius (2004), this was developed by the now-defunct Elixir Studios. In Evil Genius 2, the player is tasked to construct a criminal lair on a tropical island in order to build a doomsday device secretly while operating a casino as a cover.Players have to construct different rooms, infrastructure and amenties to support the operation of the base and unlock new operations, and set up traps that kill infiltrating agents and maintain the base’s defenses. There are four evil geniuses for players to choose from at the beginning of the game, each of whom has their own unique missions, specialities and doomsday devices. Players also need to choose from three islands which have different designs and features. Inside the base, the players can train various minions under three specalities, namely Muscle, Deception, and Science. Each minion has their unique personalities and traits. For instance, some minions are more observant than others, allowing them to detect suspicious individuals
Platforms: PC

Monster Hunter Rise (26 March): is an upcoming action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom . It is the sixth mainline installment in the Monster Hunter series after Monster Hunter: World and will be released worldwide in March 2021. Rise will follow many of the new conventions for the series introduced through World while introducing new features, including a new animal companion called a palamute that can be used to ride across the map or into battle, and the use of wire bugs to traverse the game world vertically and mount and ride certain monsters in the game.
Platforms: Switch

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (19 March): Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is a third-person shooter developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. Similar to its predecessors, the game is a third-person shooter where players take control of the Plants or the Zombies in either a cooperative or competitive multiplayer environment. The game features 23 customisable gameplay classes, nine of which are new to the franchise. They are classified into four groups: attackers, defenders, supporters or swarm. Each team also has a new team play class that allows players of the same class to combine forms when they fight against enemies. Players can compete against each other in various competitive multiplayer modes, including the objective-based Turf Takeover mode and the team deathmatch variant Team Vanquish and many more. The game also features several player-versus-environment open zones which allow players to explore, find collectibles, and complete quests. Split-screen local multiplayer is also available for all gameplay modes. Platforms: Switch